If I Celebrated Halloween, This Year I Would Be …

… hell if I know! I’m bad at this stuff. But I did see a couple of costumes that I thought were cool that I would want to be, so here it goes.

If I celebrated Halloween, this year I would be one of the following …

Nicki Minaj

nicki minaj halloween costume

So what if my butt isn’t big enough, I’ve always wanted to have pink hair. (But I’m definitely not crazy enough to die my actual hair pink.) Although I am crazy enough to pull off a Nicki Minaj costume, so yes, being Nicki Minaj is definitely on the top of my list.

Disney Evil Queen

Disney Evil Queen Halloween costume

This costume is totally badass, I don’t care what you think or say, I’d totally wear this! And you better believe that I’ll walk around for most of the night just like this with an apple in my hand and try to get a couple of dudes to bite it. (Which I’m pretty sure wouldn’t be hard to do.)

Star Wars Female Stormtrooper

Star Wars Female Stormtrooper halloween costume

Okay if you don’t want to wear this costume with me then by golly Houston we have a problem! I could totally see a bunch of my friends (not that I have many) and myself walking into a party all dressed up like stormtroopers! Of course I’d have to be the leader, and I’d definitely need a gun.


Catwomen Halloween costume

Ever since I saw the movie with Halle Berry a couple of years ago, I’ve always wanted to dress up in a catsuit, so I think this one is self explanatory.

Silk Spectre 2

silk spectre 2 halloween costume

Now I have NO CLUE who Silk Spectre is or what Watchmen is for that matter. (Please excuse me if you’re a DC comics fan, because I am obviously not.) However her outfit is way too bomb for me to even care if she’s a villain or one of the good guys. I just want this costume!

Lady Liberty


I guess this one appeals to the New Yorker in me because for some odd reason I think it’s kind of cute. (Don’t ask!)

But now you know what I would be this year (if I celebrated Halloween), leave a comment below and tell me what you would be if you celebrated, or what you’re planning on being this year if you do celebrate.

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