Hey What’s Happening?

So you may have noticed … or not, that everything is currently missing, except my blog posts;  that I stopped blogging for awhile, (okay a really long time);  that I’ve been extra busy with school, work, and my daughter (okay probably not).

However, I did take a step back from blogging because it became overwhelming. I just couldn’t keep up with posting three times a week. (Plus I became so obsessed with making money from my blog I just kept trying to pop new ideas out and they just weren’t working!)

I was left frustrated. But now I’m back, and I’m ready to do this the right way. I’m going to revamp my blog and give you guys something worth reading, plus so much more!

So what can you look forward too?

A new blog layout! New content! A new tagline! A new logo! A drink of the month club! Drink recipes! Free downloads! Sanaa Mail! And much more.

I can’t wait to relaunch and show you what I’m currently working on, because boy is it going to be uh-mazing! Until then, you can contact me on twitter or instagram. Stay tuned you guys! The new and improved Sanaa Brooks is coming!

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