Pharrell Williams + Timbaland + Bee Line for Billionaire Boys Club + Harlem Renaissance = The Sexiest Boots You’ve Ever Seen

So I took a break from looking up post production sound companies that I want to intern for and took a scroll through my Facebook timeline. I almost had a freaking heart attack when I saw these boots! (Why am I jobless right now? Ugh!) These are the sexiest boots I’ve ever seen in my entire life! My “barbie” pink Dr. Martens boots (as everyone likes to call them) doesn’t even come close to these black and white tims!

What the hell Pharrell! Why are you so damn talented? Not only must you dominate the world with your musical abilities, and spreading happiness with your song Happy, but now you must also conquer the fashion world as well? (I mean I’m only upset because I haven’t met this man in person yet, he is one of my role models for a reason.)

But enough ranting and raving about how great Pharrell Williams is (and how freaking sexy these boots are), apparently Pharrell was inspired by the fashion period during the Harlem Renaissance when he designed these boots. These limited edition boots will be available at the Billionaire Boys Club NYC Flagship and online, as well as select Timberland stores beginning November 7. So let’s all pray that I get a job before then so I can go out and buy these black and white ones before they’re all sold out. Now that I think about it, I probably shouldn’t have told any of you about these, but hey, sharing is caring!

(& If you do decided to get these boots, what ever you do, DO NOT post a comment and tell me! Please don’t rub it in! I will hate you forever! Lol JP … Not really!)

Here’s a preview:

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