Sanaa’s Get Fit Friday Blog Challenge Week 3 Recap

Okay, so week three definitely went a lot better than week two! I got 4 comments and 3 likes, which according to the photo below means I have to do 40 sit ups and 30 squats! Darn it!

Sanaa's Get Fit

I haven’t even started yet, I know, ridiculous! (But at least I’m telling y’all the truth right? Lol)

I’ve also been thinking about revamping this idea again and instead of making this a one day thing, I’m thinking maybe I should make it a whole week thing!?

This means, instead of doing how many situps and squats I get just on that Friday night, I’ll do that amount every day until the next Friday!

Now this is definitely going to be a challenge! (Lol) Especially since part of what is stopping me from getting fit is my consistency. So maybe doing this for my blog will challenge me to do it daily! (At least that’s what I’m hoping!)

If you’d like to know what sparked this madness, you can read up on it here. (Lol)

Anywho, next Friday I’m hoping I’ll get enough comments and likes to be able to do 50 situps and squats!

Okay maybe that’s pushing it! (Lol)

I mean the squats won’t be that hard, but 50 situps sure will be. (Lol)

Either way, I’ll do it if it happens! What do you guys think? Is this crazy or am I just insane? (Lol)

Leave a comment below and let me know! (Then on Friday leave another comment or just like my post so it’ll count towards my challenge!)

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