Sanaa Rants: I’m Not Asian, But Anything Less Than A 100 (Or An A) Is Failing! Point. Blank. Period. Feel Me?

When you check ya grades & see ya professor changed ya grade from the stupid 99.93 to the 100 you were supposed to get in the first place! Y'all should see the arrogant ass look on my face right now bruh lol Tuh! You woulda THOUGHT I was gonna settle for ya stupid ass 99. Nah! Not with it! Lol Gimme my damn 100! I'm not playing with this 4.0, that 99.93 almost gave me a heart attack today lol You think I'm struggling through work, school & my kid to get a 99 my nigguh? NAH! 

What the hell is a 99.93%?

Okay, let me start this story off by telling y’all what initially happened!

So I went on blackboard today to submit my last assignment for week four, and noticed there was a notification … so I clicked it.

Apparently, one of my professors graded some homework and my grades were updated, yay!

Wait .. no, not yay! What the hell is this? Where did this 99.93% (899pts) nonsense come from? Where the hell is my 100%! Whoa … what’s going on here! Huh? What? Who? Where? Why? HOW?


Seriously y’all, I almost had a damn heart attack when I saw that damn 99.93%!

I was literally seconds away from cussing someone out. Don’t believe me? Here’s my Facebook status to prove it!

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 10.52.45 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 10.53.06 PM

As you can see, I was clearly having a melt down, I mean my Caribbean accent was starting to come out. (Usually only happens when I’m mad, unless I’m doing it on purpose. Lol)

What had happened was … (Lol)

My professor graded my work and then mentioned that everything looked good but my chart wasn’t in the proper chart style according to the book. (Which is why I only got one point taken away.) However, the book stated that we were allowed to pick any style we wanted, which is why my chart didn’t look like the one in the textbook!

So of course I took it upon myself to email him and let him know! I refuse to settle for a 99 when I know I did everything correct! Get the hell outta here!

Anywho …

I checked blackboard again.

(I was actually going to look at my list of assignments for week 5, when I noticed another notification!)

I checked it and again, another grade updated.

Guess who’s grade is now back to being 100% (900pts)? Oh yeah, this girl! (Lol)

Y’all should have seen the arrogant ass look I had on my face when I saw my grade man! You thought I was gonna settle for that stupid ass 99? NAH! Not with it! (Lol) Give me my damn 100!

I’m not playing with this 4.0!

You think I’m struggling through work, school and raising my kid to get a 99? Oh hell nah!

So yeah … I’m not Asian, but anything below a damn 100 is failing!

(Blame my parents for raising me this way, hell I used to get straight As and it still wasn’t good enough! It took me a while to break out of the habit of telling myself anything less than an A was unacceptable, and now I’m right back on this leaky boat. Lol)

But yeah … I just had to get that out! I’m actually so excited that my grade went back to being 100 that I haven’t even checked my email yet to see what my professor actually said. (Lol)

I’m pretty sure y’all think I’m crazy now huh! (Shrugs! Oh well, it was bound to happen. Lol)

How do YOU feel about getting straight As? Does it matter to you at all? Are you okay with getting a B or two? Or are you just as Asian as my non-Asian self and cringe everytime you think about anything less than an A? (That inclues those pesky A-‘s y’all! Lol)

Leave a comment below and let me know!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. tarahsaint says:

    LOLOLOL OMG! I’m the SAME exact way! I literally laughed and shooked my head because this is 100% how I was raised and who I am haha. Creative title, too, love!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sanaa Brooks says:

      Thanks so much!

      And yeah lol It’s hard to reteach myself that a 98 is okay lol Sigh!

      ~ Sanaa


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