This One’s For All The Brides-To-Be! A Recap Of NYC’s Wedding Salon Expo, Coupons, Contests & More!

First of all, if you’re a Bride-to-be, congratulations on your engagement! I’m a lover of all things wedding related, so feel free to ask me questions, opinions, or send me an invite to your wedding!

(I’m kidding, I’m kidding! LOL But if you want to, by all means, my daughter and I shall accept!)

However, I did work for a wedding planner for a while, and at one point in time, I actually wanted to become a wedding planner myself! Which is why I’m currently acting as my best friend’s wedding planner! (Whoo hoo!)

Anyway, that’s not why you’re here, right? You’re here for the inside scoop because you were sadly stuck at work while everyone else was having fun, right? (Or maybe you just couldn’t find it in you to cough up $75 for 2 tickets and another $15 for the gift bag! It’s okay, I get it!)

Either way, I’m not here to judge, I’m only here to say that this recap may have just saved you $100 bucks! So sit back, grab a cup of joe, juice, soda, what ever you’re into, a snack and relax!

(Because this is going to be quite an adventure, but a very informative one!)

Note: There’s a section for coupon codes, promotions and contests at the end of this post. 

You can scroll all the way down if that’s what you’re really here for, but you may miss some of the good stuff in between, so bare with me here people!

Let’s begin …

NYC wedding salon at the affina hotel in manhattan, ny
One of the first things I saw when walking in. Isn’t this pretty?

Photo taken by: Joseph | One For The Book

Here’s some information about the event to start you off.

(Just in case you’ve never heard of the Wedding Salon before, as if! Lol)

The Wedding Salon is one of the most popular bridal shows here in New York as it features a ton of different vendors for engaged couples to meet with one-on-one, including designer gowns, make up artists, hair stylists, photographers, entertainment, cakes and more!

(Basically you get to meet all of these potential vendors in one night, which as you know, cuts down a lot of time and saves a LOT of money, as some vendors do charge for one on one consultations.)

This year’s Wedding Salon was focused on destination weddings and honeymoons, and was held at the Affina Manhattan Hotel! The event ran for four hours, which gives lots of couples time to get there even if they do get off from work a little late. (Although it’s always best to get there early as it does get pretty crowded.)

Although this wasn’t my first time at a Wedding Salon event, as I previously attended a couple of years ago when I worked for a wedding planner, this was my first event as press, and I must say it went pretty well!

Here were my favorite vendors:

Lulu Cake Boutique

Saraceni Wines

I Know You Can Dance

Glamour Closet

Joyce Kutty Designs

Linwood Estate

Ben & Jerrys

Now here’s a bit more about how my night and my visit to the vendors went.

 First up …

Glamour Closet

What they offer: Inexpensive Designer Gowns

Glamour Closet dress sample at NYC's Wedding Salon 2015 at the Affina Hotel
Original price = $4,400, Glamour Closet’s price = $2,450.

So this was the first vendor I visited at the Wedding Salon and when I got there a couple of women were already talking to one of their reps. I honestly was just standing around, waiting for them to move so I could get a photo of this dress, when Krystina approached me and struck up a conversation.

Not only was Krystina really friendly, (and one of the best brand representatives at the event) but she also began to tell me a bit about how Glamour Closet works. Here’s a couple of things she mentioned that I thought were notable.

1. Brides Should Come Ready To Purchase! 

She told me the oh so sad story of the bride who assumed that no one would want her dress, to only have someone literally buy it 4 minutes before she walked into the store!

(Let the waterworks begin!)

2. Only One Dress Of Each Size

Which means if you love it, and it’s your size you better grab it FAST!

3. You Pick Your Own Dresses!

It’s like the Marshalls for designer wedding dresses! You just walk around, pick which ones you’d like to try on, and that’s that! No one tells you which ones they THINK you’d look good in, or which one “suits” you best since you get to pick it yourself!

Wedding Tip: “You should buy your dress a year in advance!”

– Krystina from Glamour Closet

Glamour Closet also has over 700 dresses for you to choose from, so there’s no way you’re not going to find a dress you like! (Unless you’re super duper picky, or they just didn’t have any of the dresses you wanted in your size, which is what I’m scared will happen to me when my day comes. As if it’ll ever come!)

Here’s another beautiful dress from the Glamour Closet’s selection!

Glamour Closet Dress at NYC's Wedding Salon 2015 at the Affina Hotel
I love this dress! Ugh! I need to start working out like now! Lol

And here’s a close up …

Glamour Closet Dress close up at NYC's Wedding Salon 2015 at the Affina Hotel
Isn’t this just gorgeous?

Alert: There’s a coupon below for a free veil with purchase!

Moving on …

So the next two vendors that I visited aren’t really even worth mentioning and here’s why …

When I approached them, they didn’t seem interested, at all. I don’t know if the representatives were like that all night, (actually now that I think about it, they weren’t because I saw them talking to a couple of Brides) but I wasn’t too pleased with these two vendors at all!

It’s like as soon as they heard that I wasn’t a Bride, they became uninterested. Hell, they didn’t even seem interested when I first walked up to them, I actually had to say hi before they would speak to me.

I honestly think that if you’re representing a company at an expo or show, you should be ready to talk to anyone and everyone about that company! Even if they seem like they may not be interested in what you have to offer, you should at least tell them what your company is and what they offer.

I didn’t even get that much!

(But I did learn that one of them had a promotion going that very minute! Sigh.)

Shame on you Daniela Rodriquez NYC and Metamorphosis NY! I hope everyone else was greeted a bit more pleasantly than I was!

Now the next vendor I talked to was uh-mazing!

(Why didn’t I take a photo of this man? Sigh!)

I Know You Can Dance

What he offers: Dance lessons & more

I got to talk to Alessandro for a bit and was thankful that as modest as he was, he was also still very talkative and friendly. He did mention that he hated bragging about his company though, so I didn’t get much information out of him right there and then, but his one pager was enough to get me interested.

I’m thinking … Maybe I should have my first dance choreographed! I’m tired of those boring two step, slow dances that anyone can do! Why not start your wedding reception off with a bang? Isn’t that what the first dance is for?

I also asked him a question (“What would you suggest for a Cinderella themed wedding song?) and I think he answered it very well! I just wish I had recorded his answer. But long story short, he said that he’d have to do some research first before suggesting a song, but the first thing that comes to mind is a movie score with a waltz theme. (Which sounds perfect!)

If you’d like more information, you can always visit his website or email him at

Let’s keep this thang moving shall we?

SkinnyGirl Sparklers

What they offer: low-calorie drinks

SkinnyGirl Sparklers at NYC's Wedding Salon 2015 at the Affina Hotel

Not really much to say here since it was just a tasting, and I’m automatically bias on this since I hate diet products! However, I still did try the peach flavor and it wasn’t that bad.

SkinnyGirls Sparklers in cup at NYC's Wedding Salon 2015 at the Affina Hotel

(Just not something I can see myself drinking by the gallons. Lol)

Either way, one of the reps took my card and mentioned that she would email me so I’d have her contact information in case I wanted to throw an event, so let’s hope she does! I know a lot of people actually do enjoy this stuff.

Moving right along …

Park Slope Press

What they offer: Invitations & more

Park Slope Press at NYC's Wedding Salon 2015 at the Affina Hotel

I have to be honest here, I didn’t really like anything I saw at this table. It was all a bit too plain for me. I’m pretty sure I’ve found a couple of things online that looked better. I mean if this is their best stuff (which I’d assume you’d only bring your best stuff to an event like this) then I’d pass on this one.

But that’s just me! You may find something you like on their website, you never know!

On to another favorite of mine …

Joyce Kutty Designs

Joyce Kutty Designs Flower Bouquet at NYC's Wedding Salon 2015 at the Affina Hotel

Joyce started out making arrangements for oncology patients, as “most patients undergoing chemotherapy cannot have real flowers in their living spaces due to compromised immune systems.”

With that said, for every order $150 or more, Joyce donates one bouquet to another patient! So your joyous event, may make someone else smile as well!

This would be great for anyone allergic to flowers, or someone who just doesn’t want to spend a fortune on flowers that are going to die before the week is even over. (You also don’t have to worry about them being in season or pray that you’ll get your favorite color.)

Joyce also makes wedding favors, like the ones you’ll see below.

Joyce Kutty Designs Wedding Favors at NYC's Wedding Salon 2015 at the Affina Hotel
I took two of these! My sister and daughter love origami!

Now here’s a funny story, courtesy of …

Ben & Jerry’s

So I finally get up to the Ben & Jerry’s counter to get my mango sorbet and the representative goes, “Wait .. weren’t you here already?” I’m like, “Um … no.” She goes, “hmm maybe it’s the red lips? And she had a bun just like yours too! You sure you weren’t here already?” (Lol)

This all happened right after I took this picture …

Ben & Jerrys Rep at NYC's Wedding Salon 2015 at the Affina Hotel

She’s obviously a cool person, I just thought it was so funny that she thought I was there already! I swear I must have a real twin I don’t know about, because this isn’t the first time someone has said they’ve seen me when it wasn’t me.

At least my mango sorbet was good!

Ben & Jerrys at NYC's Wedding Salon 2015 at the Affina Hotel
I mean who wouldn’t want ice cream at their wedding?

Here’s another vendor I loved!

Linwood Estate

What they offer: Wedding venue, lodging & more

How many times have you seen a movie where they have a really nice wedding at someone’s really nice house and think, “omg I would love a wedding like that”?

Now how many of you actually know someone with that really nice house?

Exactly … Not too many of us. Which is why I absolutely LOVE this venue! It’s like a dream come true!

But here’s the thing, not only do they offer a wedding venue, they also offer a reception venue, lodging, and more! And each part of your wedding takes place in a different part of the estate! So no one is confined to one section, and you get to move around a bit.

It’s great!

(A lot better than this photo I took, at least.)

Linwood Estate at NYC's Wedding Salon 2015 at the Affina Hotel
But hey, I’m not a professional photographer & I have a crappy phone! Lol

Ready for your something blue now? How about …

A bottle of Blumond from …

Saraceni Wines

Blumond Wine Bottle at NYC's Wedding Salon 2015 at the Affina Hotel

This is one of the best wines I’ve ever tasted (not that I’ve tasted too many) but still! And the fact that it’s blue just makes this even better! This would literally be my “something blue” at my wedding I swear! I mean, why not? It’s good!

I also tasted the strawberry one, just to compare them and yeah, let’s go back to talking about this Blumond! (Lol) It wasn’t that great.

Glass of Blumond Wine at NYC's Wedding Salon 2015 at the Affina Hotel
Let’s not talk about how I took this photo after drinking half my glass. 🙂

But while we’re on drinks …

The Georgia Peach from 360 Vodka was okay. I don’t really remember what it tasted like though, I think I need to somehow taste this one again.

But I loved how they were giving out free light up rings if you followed them on social media!

As for this Tequilla Rose strawberry creme, it’s just as bad as someone mentioned from a previous wedding salon event.

(Although it wasn’t as bad as they said … It doesn’t taste like medicine! Lol)

Tequilla Rose at NYC's Wedding Salon 2015 at the Affina Hotel
This one proves you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover! Look how pretty the bottle is!

Essentia was also doing the social media promotion giveaway thang and I loved it!

If you followed them on IG, you got a free tote bag. (Which I was in dire need of! Lol)

But this ends the vendor recap!

(Just not the end of this blog post! Ha! Lol)

Now here comes the good stuff!

First the sweets and then the treats!

Carlo's Bakery & Lulu Cake Boutique Treats At NYC's Wedding Salon 2015 at the Affina Hotel
Left – Carlo’s Bakery, Right – Lulu Cake Boutique

Anyone wanna take a guess which one tasted better? Seriously .. Go ahead and take a guess!

(I’ll tell you which one won at the very end of this post!)


Now here’s what was in the gift bags!

(The reason they were so freaking heavy and why I struggled all the way home with this thing!)

NYC's Wedding Salon 2015 at the Affina Hotel Gift Bag Items

There’s eight magazines here! EIGHT! I have never had a heavier gift bag in all my life. OMG!

Like seriously, I’m in need of a massage right now!

However, if you’re a Bride, I’m sure you can do the math, $15 for 8 bridal magazines PLUS goodies is actually a great deal! I love being able to look through and tear out the dresses I love and articles I know I’ll need to read later. Plus a couple of them have wedding planners in them, so yeah .. totally worth it!

But here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

All the coupons, promotions and contests that I received (and won’t be able to use) are below!

Note: Please copy and paste the statement below into your emails, so that the vendors know exactly who referred you. Thank you in advance.

“I was referred to your company by Sanaa Brooks,, who attended the NYC Wedding Salon event at Affina Manhattan Hotel on June 27th.”

Now here are you’re discounts! (You can thank me later!)


Book your wedding in Aspen and receive a complimentary honeymoon for four nights and five days at a premier aspen hotel! Honeymoon includes four night’s complimentary lodging, four complimentary activities and a two hundred dollars food and beverage credit!

Contact or (970) 920-7196 to book today!

(Fine print: Blackout dates and restrictions apply! Your aspen wedding lodging must be sourced through the Aspen Chamber Resort Association and a block of rooms contracted at a participating Aspen hotel to qualify for honeymoon offer.)

Daniela Rodriquez NYC

10% off when you book your services online!

Code: weddingsalon2015

Nicole Miller

Bridal sample up to 75% off retail prices!

Where: 77 Greene Street, NYC

When: Thursday Aug 27th 10am-8pm

Friday Aug 28 10am-8pm

Saturday Aug 29 10am-6pm


20% off your next massage, facial or body treatment at bliss spa.

Note: You must bring the coupon for your discount! I only have four of them, so first come, first serve! (Please email me at if you’re interested in receiving a coupon, so I can mail it out to you.)

Must visit or call (877) 862-5477 to make an appointment!

Valid until 12/31/2015

(Fine print: Offer not valid for any products, bliss gift certificates, product purchases or past services. Offer cannot be combined with other promotions. Offer can only be applied to one service per person and can only be used once.)

MIYU Beauty

Extra 5% off when you order from now until Sept 30, 2015.


Here Comes The Guide X Scratch Weddings

Enter to win a free wedding dj service + a romantic date night for two.

Follow them on Instagram – @herecomestheguide ; @scratchweddings

Then post a screenshot of your must-have song using the hashtag #VirtualWeddingPlaylist.

Ends: Aug 3 2015

DJ service includes: A talented scratch DJ to perform at your wedding reception for 4 hrs, including DJ equipment, 2 speakers and a wireless mic (value $2,000)

Date night: $150 gift card that can be used for dinner, tastings or purchasing wine.


Upgrade to a pro gallery account using the promotional code: ZKYWESUSG1215 when you create your FREE wedding website! Worth $99!

Visit for more info and to create your account.

(Fine print: May take up to 48hrs to activate premium feature.)

Valid for 30 days

(Note: I don’t know if this code is a one time use and everyone has a different code or if it’s one code for everyone, so I apologize in advance if it’s only for one person and you’re unable to use it!)

Glamour Closet

Receive a free veil (valued up to $250) upon purchase of a wedding gown at Glamour Closet New York!

MUST bring postcard with you to receive veil!

Note: I only have ONE post card, so first come, first serve! (Please email me at if you’re interested in receiving this coupon, so I can mail it out to you.)

Lulu Cake Boutique

15% off any tiered custom cake booked by 5/31/2016 and celebrated before 12/31/2016.

(Fine print: Cake must serve at least 75, new bookings only, can not combine offer with any others or venues that provide their cakes. Offer not valid for June or October celebrations. Dates are not guaranteed!)

Note: They’re already fully booked up until October I believe, so they go quick!

Visit or email

NYC: (212) 429 – 3000 Scarsdale (914) 722-8300

Essentia Water

Enter to win free swag including a t-shirt, towel, water, etc.

Grand prize – 1 10’ 6” Riviera stand up paddle board & paddle ($1,200 value)

Two ways to win:

Enter at


Follow @essentiawater on instagram, then post a photo of how Essential helps you get #MoreSummer. (Use the hashtag in your post.)

That’s it you guys! I had a great time at the Wedding Salon and I’m pretty sure all the couples had even a better time! (You get a little lonely walking around all alone after a while. Sigh! Lol) But either way, I definitely appreciate the Wedding Salon for letting me attend and I hope I’ll be able to attend again soon. (I’m praying I can get a better phone or camera by then! Hell, someone just let me borrow there’s why don’t ya? Then I can REALLY cover these events! Lol)

There’s also another Wedding Salon event coming up this November! So if you missed this one, you have one last chance this year to redeem yourself!

Purchase your tickets here.

Note: I didn’t visit too many of the travel vendors, since I got discouraged once I realized that no one from St. Vincent and the Grenadines tourism board was there. (I was dying to talk to someone there since that’s where my parents are from. Lol) But it was still great nonetheless!

So if you need to request the day off now, DO so and go get your tickets! You’ll love it, trust me!

Now how many of you actually read this entire thing? I know it was long as hell! I apologize in advance, but boy did I have a lot to say! (Lol) Leave a comment below and let me know what you think, if you’ll be going to the one in November, and any other thoughts you have!

But right before I go!

Here’s your answer to the “which tasted better, Carlo’s Bakery or Lulu Cake Boutique” question!

Lulu Cake Boutique definitely “took the cake” with this one! It was great!

I normally don’t finish chocolate cupcakes because I get a headache if I eat too much sugar, but let me tell y’all how I sat in Buffalo Wild Wings after the event and ate the entire thang while waiting for my Twin’s friend to show up! (Lol)

It was that good man!

(If you talk to them, please tell them to send me another one! Much appreciated! Lol)

Here’s a couple of other photos to (finally) end this post!

Don’t forget to leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

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