Sanaa’s Get Fit Friday Blog Challenge: Week 2

So last week’s first Get Fit Friday Blog Challenge didn’t go so well!

Okay, honestly … it sucked! (Big time!)

Absolutely NO ONE commented or liked any of my blog posts, and I was actually a bit sad.

(Happy I didn’t have to do situps and squats! But sad that my attempt at working out had failed!)

So I’ve decided to try this again this week!

Here’s the original photo that inspired this crazy idea!

Sanaa Brooks Get Fit Fitness Blog Challenge

So for EVERY blog post comment I receive today, I’ll do 10 sit-ups and for EVERY blog post like I receive, I’ll do 10 squats!

It doesn’t matter what post you like or comment!

(Just try not to write a one word comment please! If I’m going to be doing all this work, the least you could do was leave an actual comment! Yes … “I love this” or “I like this” will count. Lol)

At 10pm, I’ll count up the comments and likes and I’ll attempt to do them all in one night.

(I may take a thousand breaks, and I may curse a couple of you out, but I’ll get them all done! Lol) 

What do you guys think? Am I shooting myself in the foot with this one … again? (Lol) Leave a comment below and let me know!

(Then go comment on some of my other posts! Just don’t comment on EVERYTHING! Lol)

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. LOL! I love this. Its a great idea especially if your audience understands your desire to lose weight. Are you simply trying to plump your rump or lose inches around your midsection? I know a couple more exercises that can really get the body burning. Good luck! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sanaa Brooks says:

      They don’t! LOL Or they’d comment & like every damn post every week & MAKE me do these workouts! LMAO

      But honestly I just wanted to try it out to see how this challenge would go lol ..

      I need to loose weight period lol Then tone! But yes my non existant butt needs to be replaced with my stomache lol Sigh!

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

      (That’s 10 sit ups gosh lol)

      ~ Sanaa


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