Guest Post: Two Easy To Make Summer Cocktails (And Their Recipes)

Summer is HERE! Summer is the perfect time for some delicious cocktails.

I love mixing up cocktails and trying new ones. I guess you can say that is the reason I decided to get my bartending certificate.

Here are two of my fave cocktails recipes perfect for summer or any occasion that you may be planning.

Strawberry Bellini

strawberry belini recipe

It’s a very simple but tasty champagne cocktail. Perfect for the hot summer days.

Here is what you need:

Chilled Champagne

1/2 Cup of Strawberry Puree

Powdered Sugar

Chilled Champagne Glass



First: Puree your Strawberries. Place thawed or fresh strawberries and confectioners’ sugar into the blender with a little water and blend until completely smooth. Add as little or as much powdered sugar you like to your taste. I even added a some strawberry daiquiri mix to add more flavor but you don’t have to its just something I added to mines.

Second: Pour 1/2 of Fresh Strawberry Puree into the Chilled Champagne Glass

Next: Fill Chilled Champagne Glass with 1/2 of Champagne

Last: Garish your Champagne Glass a fresh Strawberry

Serve and of course ENJOY!! 🙂

Frozen Mimosa

frozen mimosa

Try this unique spin on the Mimosa – the Frozen Mimosa.

Here is what you need:

4 scoops of Orange Sherbet

1 cup of Orange Juice

2 cups of Chilled Champagne

4 Champagne Glasses



Put orange sherbet, orange juice, and champagne in blender.

Blend until Smooth

Served in a Chilled Champagne Glass

A simple and easy Champagne Cocktail that all your guests will enjoy!

Thanks JaVaughnae for contributing these oh so easy to make summer cocktails recipes! Now somebody bring me some champagne! (Lol) As always, leave a comment below and let me know what you think! (Make sure you leave some love for my wonderful guest blogger as well!)

(Be sure to check out JaVaughnae’s wedding blog, Champagne and Cake!)

champagneandcake ownerJaVaughnae graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a B.A in Broadcast Journalism and a minors in Marketing and Spanish. JaVaughnae is currently a graduate student at Oklahoma State University pursing a Masters in Entrepreneurship.

JaVaughnae is a serial entrepreneur and works as a social media strategist and blogger. She comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, from her grandfather to her mother and enjoys sports, spending time with her family, music, photography and writing about weddings on her blog.

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