I’m Not One Of Those BIG Marvel Fans But AntMan Was GOOD!

So last night, I took my little sister and daughter to the screening of AntMan.

ant man screening in times square nyc

I must say, it was a LOT better than what I expected it to be!

(Honestly, I never wanted to see the movie, but it was free and T.I was in it, so I figured we should just go.)

Let’s just say I’m glad that we went, because it was good!

As “smart” as people think I am, I sure as hell didn’t understand any of the science talk that went on throughout the movie. The ants scientific names, the explanations of atoms, none of it!

(But I guess that doesn’t really matter right? Eh! Lol)

However, I did love the emotional ties to the movie.

Antman movie

Especially as a mother who is “patiently waiting” for the day my daughter’s father starts acting right! So if you have kids, or didn’t have your father around when you grew up, you’re probably going to have an emotional connection to this one! (But don’t worry, it’s not enough to make you cry or anything.)

Anyway, AntMan aka Scott, is cocky as hell! Like seriously, OMG! (He’s also a pretty darn good thief as well! Lol)

And even though, I went to see T.I, he didn’t really appear much, but when he did, he was funny! I mean he did play the typical black guy role though, *cough* stole a cop car *cough*. Yeah, very stereotypical! But whatever!

Scotts’ “friends” are also funny!

antman friends

Louis is just a damn mess! And I swear if you guys don’t think “Is he REALLY whistling right now? WHY is he whistling!” we can’t be friends! (Lol)

But any who, I took “notes” while watching the movie, because you know … I forget everything! (Lol) So here’s what my notes look like.

(This is my way of showing you how great the movie is without actually telling you what happened! LOL)


“How about the fact that I just fought an Avenger and didn’t die” –  Scott (AntMan)

“It’s not often you rob a place and then get invited back.” – Louis

Boat made of ants = Cool

He can talk to ants!

OMG the ending is CRAZY!

“Are we the good guys?” – Louis ; “Yes, were the good guys.” – Scott ; “Feels kinda weird you know?” – Louis


This yellow jacket is CRAZY!

Epic ass battle

OMG wat that Siri?

I feel so bad for the black folks and they house, it’s all jacked up now … like they worked so hard for that house man! (As if I knew how they got their house, right? Lol)

Leave it to the white girl to stay and watch shit go down!

He called the ant a dog? Smh!

The sound is AMAZING!

An ant as a pet?

Never gonna look at Thomas the Train the same ever again!

So yeah, as you can see, I enjoyed it! And so did my daughter and sister.

While we were on the train coming back home, my sister and I were joking around saying that if my daughter dropped popcorn on the ground the ants were gonna come in and get it and she goes, “mommmmm it’s just a movie!” I was dying! (Lol)

So yeah, you guys should definitely go see this! And take the kids! They might not get everything, but they’ll be like “Ohhh Thomas the train!” (Lol) I mean my daughter scares easily since she’s 3 and I kinda thought she would be scared, but she was fine! She watched the whole thing surprisingly, and while we were waiting for the credits to finish scrolling she was like “I liked the movie!”

OH … that reminds me! If you go see it (which you should) make sure you stay until after ALL the credits are finished. There are TWO scenes after!

But here’s a couple of photos from last night.

(Nothing good though .. I SO need a new camera! Ugh!)

So who’s going to see AntMan today? Or next week? Leave a comment below and let me know! (And if you do go and see it, you HAVE to come back and tell me what you think! Lol)

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  1. Okay so now I totally want to see this…My son hasn’t even mentioned it me. #BLM

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sanaa Brooks says:

      Yes GO! Lol I’m still shocked at how much my daughter keeps talking about it. I promised to take her to another movie since I already have tickets & she keeps asking if we’re going to see AntMan again! LMAO!

      ~ Sanaa


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