Helen Castillo, ASTR & Elliphant All Under One Roof? My Recap Of The L’Oreal Paris #LiveInColor Event

Last week, I was invited to L’Oreal Paris’s #LiveInColor event!

(I almost ended up not going because of the mini storm that happened right before the event.)

But I waited it out, met up with my cousin, and ended up going anyway …

… and boy am I glad I did.

By the time we got to the event, the room was (barely) full. But that sure as hell didn’t stop me from having a good time.

L'Oreal Paris Fashion Show & Concert Event -first cup
My first cup, and definitely not my last. Lol

Even though I thought we were late, we actually got there at a great time. They handed us drinks and we started off the night with a few hors d’oeuvres. (Am I spelling that right? Lol) 

Don’t ask what I had though, the only thing I remember was mini tomatoes stuffed with goat cheese, some sort of mini taco and something with salmon. (I ate a few of the mini tomatoes, surprisingly, and had a taco.)

Then it was time for the show!

First up was Helen Castillo, who debuted her fashion pieces that were (obviously) made for the show. They were all really great, but I REALLY liked these two.

This one …

L'Oreal Paris Fashion Show & Concert Event -fashion show platnium dress

And this one …

L'Oreal Paris Fashion Show & Concert Event -fashion show burgundy dress

Even if the model (pictured above) seemed to be “grumpy” the whole night. But then again, that could have very well just have been her signature look for modeling, since some models rarely smile.

Either way, the pieces looked great, and so did the designer herself!

L'Oreal Paris Fashion Show & Concert Event -fashion designer
I’m pretty much in love with her tattoos! Lol

Helen was very friendly, as she even took photos with a couple of the guests when they asked. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get over my stupid phobia of absolutely nothing and muster up enough courage to ask her for a photo! (I obviously need to work on that. Sigh!)

But hopefully, I’ll be able to find it in me to ask her for an interview via email?

(We’ll see how that goes you guys! Lol)

Side note: It’s a bit crazy how much Helen reminds me of my cousin. It’s freaking me out! (Lol)

But whatever! After the fashion show, there were two performances, by artists I hadn’t even known about before this event. (Although I could tell a couple of the guests had known them because they practically sang all the words to their songs. Lol)

The first performer was ASTR, who performed a couple of her own songs and a cover of Drake’s song Hold On, We’re Going Home. Check it out below!

(Please, puh-leeze, ignore the fact that I tried to sing at the end! I obviously was having a damn good time and too much wine! Lol)

I just want to say that, I know a couple of music artists and NONE of them perform like ASTR does! Even though there weren’t a thousand people in the room, ASTR performed like there was! Her energy was uh-mazing! Hell, she had me dancing! (And I normally don’t dance in public. Lol)

Here’s another clip from ASTR’s performance!

(I seriously couldn’t get enough of the dude on the damn drum machine! I know y’all hear that beat! Lol)

I’ve been wanting a drum machine since HS people! Like seriously! I’m such a music person, I was literally just staring at the dude doing the sound, checking out his equipment while I waited. I mean, who goes to a fashion event and stares at music equipment? (I do! Lol)

Anywho … After ASTR performed, the wine got to me and I literally almost RAN to the bathroom! (Which was stupid, since I almost fell down the damn stairs! Lol)

Either way, I made it to the bathroom and look what I found!

L'Oreal Paris Fashion Show & Concert Event -beauty products

I’ve already tried on the lip color (well the moisturizer that’s on the other side, lol) and it’s freaking great! So you guys may get a review soon.

But on to the last performance of the evening!

Elliphant definitely turned heads! I mean even with her thick ass accent you could STILL hear (almost) every word she was saying! That’s saying a lot too, because a lot of these “artists” I know can barely use a mic properly! (No shade, straight facts! Lol) 

I mean seriously, these women put some of y’all, sorry ALL of y’all dudes to shame! Y’all better step ya game up!

Here’s a clip from Elliphant’s performance.

(Which I almost missed because I was too busy taking bathroom pics. My life is a mess! Lol)


 Let me tell you how this girl GET’s DOWN! (Lol) I’m pretty sure I caught her wining a couple of times! It was great!

I definitely had a great time at this event, even though I was kind of scared it would be some weird event I’d end up staring into space wondering why the hell I came in the first place and why I bothered to even stay so long. (Lol)

I actually think this event was WAY better than the 1800 Tequila X Complex Magazine event I went to the week before, which you can read all about here.

Here’s a couple more photos from the event. Since I couldn’t seem to stop taking them. (Lol)

(Make sure you click on the photos so you can read the full caption and view the entire photo.)

So what do you guys think? Fun right! Leave a comment below and let me know!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Bobbie says:

    Great recap! Looks like a great event and seems like you enjoyed yourself. I definately need to make my way to some events here in Atlanta. #blmgirl

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sanaa Brooks says:

      I definitely did & thank you! 🙂

      Yes girl, get out there!!

      ~ Sanaa


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