Weekend Recap: My First REAL Pitch, Work, Work & More Work + A FREE Download

So this weekend, all I really did was …


Seriously you guys, the only reason I went outside was to go to WORK!

(Then I came home and did more WORK!)

But since I got so much work done, I am finally able to give you wonderful readers of mine a FREE download! (It’ll be at the end of this post.)

But before I give you the link to the download, let’s talk about my first real pitch.

This weekend, I found out about a really cool makeup brand and noticed they had way less followers on Twitter than I did. So I decided to draft up a marketing campaign to help them increase their Twitter followers.

(Which took me ALL night … literally! As in I didn’t go to sleep until 4am.)

I think it was well worth it though! Now I’m just sitting here waiting (not very) patiently, since I email them on Saturday and I’m probably going to have to wait another day or two for a reply.

I’ll keep you guys posted!

But enough about work and pitches (aka more work) here’s that FREE download I promised!

What You Shouldn't Do When You're In NYC By Sanaa Brooks Free Download

You can download your FREE “What You Shouldn’t Do When You’re In NYC” guide here.

(You’ll get your download link in the confirmation email, along with a sneak peek of my new book called, Surviving NYC: Summer Edition.)

So what did YOU do this weekend? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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