Wait … Is This A Club? My Recap Of The 1800 Tequila X Complex Magazine Event

Last week, I got an email about this event and immediately knew I had to attend!

Not only had I tasted my first sip of 1800 Tequila on Christmas Day, and actually enjoyed it – straight, but I also LOVE art and I’ve been dying to go to an art gallery for awhile now.

Well boy was I disappointed when I arrived at Verboten. (Which is where the event was held.)

For those of you who have probably been to this venue a couple of times already, I had NO idea it was an actual club until the day of the event. (You know … since I only googled it hours before it was actually time to  leave. Not too smart I might add. Lol) 

But even after realizing it was a club, I just sort of assumed, that they were still doing a viewing, like an art gallery kind of thing, and that was just the venue they chose.

Ehh … wrong again!

1800 limited edition bottles featuring keith haring
These are the 6 limited edition bottles featuring Keith Haring’s art work they were promoting.

Click To Tweet: “Verboten was jam packed with people ready to consume as much free alcohol as they could.”

By the time we got there, this place was jam packed with people ready to consume as much free alcohol they could get their greedy little (and big) hands on! (Which wasn’t much since the bar was always crowded!)

Either way, the event was still pretty cool, they passed around some hors d’oeuvres, and I had something wrapped in bacon, which was pretty good. (I seriously never have any clue what I’m eating when I go to events like these. I just grab one, throw it in my mouth, and pray it doesn’t taste bad. Lol)

They also had a photo booth which was nice, despite the sucky photos! Everyone got to take a photo and then they loaded it onto a big touch screen and helped you choose a background, a couple of stencils and then handed you a mock spray paint can so you could fill in the stencils.

1800 X Complex Mag Event - Me & Twin photobooth
Here’s our photo from the Photo Booth. The quality sucks, but it was still fun!

I’ve never spray painted before, but I’ve always wanted to, so I think this might have been the best part of the night! (Lol)

Click To Tweet: There was spray painting at the 1800 Tequila X Complex Magazine event & I missed it! Damn!

The DJ played lots of hip hop (of course) including a couple of old songs I could actually sing along too (thankfully) and a couple of really really old songs, I tried to pretend that I liked.

But seriously you guys, free alcohol and people just don’t mix that well together in a club setting! I’m definitely going to be googling venues BEFORE I decide to go to any events from now on. I don’t party for a reason! I hate being squished, or pushed, or feeling  paranoid all night because I think that someone is going to bump into me and spill their drink all over my damn clothes!

However, this girl did offer my friend and I her drink that she obviously was never going to touch because she said she didn’t like the way it tasted! (I was paranoid as hell, but after my friend took a sip and didn’t automatically die, I tasted it … and then almost drank the whole cup! Lol) It wasn’t as bad as she made it seem!

1800 X Complex Mag Event - Me sipping
I wasn’t lying when I said I almost finished the cup! Lol No shame!

Actually … it wasn’t bad at all. I guess 1800 just wasn’t her kind of thing, since she did mention she liked sweet drinks. (I do too, but 1800 is something else y’all! It’s just smooth as hell, for no darn reason. Lol Take a couple of sips and you’re like yeahhhh … Until it hits you and then you’re like wait, whoa, what just happened here people! HELP! Lol)

Anyway you guys, it was cool, but for an event that was supposed to be showcasing 1800’s limited edition bottles, it seemed like they were more focused on the actual liquor instead of the art itself. The bottles were on display and that was it. The paintings were also on the wall, but no one tried to discuss them, or asked “well how does this one make you feel?” (Lol)

I guess they were all too busy trying to figure out how they could get back to the bar again? Sigh!

Here’s a couple more photos from my night below.

(Feel free to click on the photos to see them a bit better and read the full captions.)

Seems cool enough right? What do you guys think? Was the venue right for this type of event, or do you think they should have discussed the art a bit more instead of focusing on the actual alcohol? Because I sure do! Leave a comment below and let me know!

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  1. I definitely enjoyed this post and very fun to read. I love your personality as well. I wanted to ask did you get to network with any editors seems how it was “ComplexMag” I would have been definitely looking for a free article promo. My idea would be to submit this article and see if they can use a quote from you in their recap idk just a thought.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sanaa Brooks says:

      I sure didn’t, it was more of a 1800 event that complex promoted I guess lol & More of a club thang, than networking.

      But that’s a great idea! Although, I’m sure there recap was published like years ago! lol

      Thanks so much for commenting. Glad you liked it! 🙂

      ~ Sanaa

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sanaa Brooks says:

    When you go through your comments and realize you made a spelling error! Ugh! I should have said their!


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