Weekend Recap: The Most Unorganized Wedding I’ve Ever Been To & More

This Weekend I …

Went to my brother’s wedding, couldn’t make it to Atlantic City to finish celebrating my friend’s birthday and went to a meeting at work on what was supposed to be my day off!

More details below …

The Wedding 

So this weekend, my brother got married to the mother of his daughter. Yay, whoo hoo!

(The sarcasm is way too real right now.)

Not that I’m not happy for them, because I am! Hell, I never thought he’d ever get married. (Lol) But that wedding was so damn unorganized I couldn’t even enjoy it!

My daughter literally waited HOURS to finally eat, I was so damn upset that I never bothered to actually eat myself. Then after that long ass speech in the church and waiting for them to come back from taking photos, they ended up rushing through the rest of the wedding. Ugh!

I had to ask the photographer to actually take a photo of me and my brother aka the groom, like seriously? So yeah, I didn’t really have a good time.

But I did end up giving one of the groomsmen my number. (Lol) I mean he’s a friend of my brother, eh, but he was cute. (And I have a weak spot for funny dudes. Lol)

Oh, just so you know! While we were on our way home in the taxi, (that took forever for us to get), we got pulled over by the cops because his backlights were out. (Bruh!)

Atlantic City No Show

So since I had to go to the wedding, I couldn’t go to Atlantic city.

Long story short – I’m broke and I wouldn’t have made it anyway!

But I hope she had a great time, I’ll find out later. (Lol)

Meeting At Work

Before the meeting I was told that I would be taught a couple of new things, and then evaluated by someone from HR to see if I’ll be promoted to Assistant Manager, so I’m a bit excited about that.

But this meeting? Oh gosh! Everyone was just quiet, it felt like I was just having a conversation with my bosses, because no one else wanted to speak.

Our managers gave us a “quiz” and one of my co-workers said, “omg y’all realize everything this says we do?” I’m like, “That’s the point!” I swear he’s slower than I am sometimes. (Lol) 

Either way, my weekend was blah! Especially with the rain, my nails chipping before I even got to the wedding and everything else in between.

Now I’m sick! Ridiculous!

How was YOUR weekend? (Hopefully better than mine!) Leave a comment below and let me know.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Petula Lloyd says:

    All I have to say right now is – wow!! That was one heck of a weekend. Well, at least it wasn’t boring. Like mine. 🙂 #blmgirl

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sanaa Brooks says:

      Lol I would have fathered the boring weekend for once ay dios mio!

      Thanks for stoping by 🙂

      ~ Sanaa


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