5 Tips To Help Make Sure You Never Publish A Post With Mistakes Ever Again

Last week, I wrote about why everyone should always proofread their blog posts before submitting them, which you can read here. That post also includes a photo of YouTube’s advertisement for Hannah Hart that has a mistake in it. (Which is currently still all over the walls of NYC’s train station.)

After having a short conversation on Twitter with @TyUnscripted and @cupcakenini about how bloggers should always proof read their work, and since @cupcakenini said that we scare her, I’ve decided to write another blog post on the topic. This time, I’ve decided to share with you all a couple of tips to help make sure you don’t publish anything with mistakes in it.

Here are my tips:

 Tip #1: Proofread after writing your first draft. 

I usually catch a lot of mistakes at this time and then I can change it before I’m even ready to input my post into WordPress. (I usually write my posts in Microsoft Word first.) 


Sometimes you’re typing so fast that you may not even realize you’ve spelled something wrong, or that you wrote two instead of too.

Tip #2: After changing ANYTHING (a mistake, a phrase, etc) proof read the ENTIRE post to make sure everything still sounds good.

I do this EVERY time I change something, even it’s something as little as a punctuation mark, or a period.


A small change could affect your whole post! If you proofread after changing things, you’ll be able to figure out if your change makes sense.

Tip #3: Read your ENTIRE post at least twice.

I know, sounds like a lot of work right? But you’ll be glad you did if you can catch your mistakes before someone else can.


If you’ve made any changes prior to proofreading after you’ve written your draft, you’ll need to read the entire post again to make sure everything is okay. Usually when I proofread, I skim through my blog post in search of errors. But this isn’t quite enough. You actually have to READ the entire post as well.

Tip #4: Read your post right BEFORE you publish it!

If you schedule your posts, like I sometimes do, then you’ll want to read it over right before you schedule your post.


Sometimes, small mistakes can still find their way through, even after reading and proofreading your posts a thousand times, so reading your post right before publishing it allows you to make sure everything is correct.

Tip #5: Preview your post after drafting and before publishing.

Sometimes aligning photos can be a pain, use this tip to help make sure everything is straight! (Pun intended! Lol)


It’s a good way to proofread and see exactly how your post will look to others all at the same time, especially if you include photos in your blog post. Having a photo off centered or aligned wrong can also be a big problem.

Hopefully these tips help insure that you never publish another post with a mistake ever again! And if they do, leave a comment below and let me know! If you have any other tips, you can also leave those in a comment as well.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. ShimmySistah says:

    Fantastic tips! These are steps I basically LIVE by!! Another thing I like to do is, once I’ve published my post, I will reread it on various platforms (iPhone, iPad, and computer screen)! It helps me because I’m able to see my mistakes from a diff angle…if that makes any sense! Lol cuz let’s face it, sometimes our eyes get accustomed to the one screen and need a refresher! *tootles*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sanaa Brooks says:

      Totally makes sense! 🙂

      Hope that helps someone! Thanks for the tip!

      ~ Sanaa

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great tips..especially for someone with A little A D D. ha who just breezes through too fast! Thannks for the reminders!

    Cute Blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sanaa Brooks says:

      No problem at all dear! & Thanks so much!

      ~ Sanaa


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