Why You Should Always Proofread (At Least Three Times) Before Submitting

Here’s the thing you guys, I’m pretty anal when it comes to blogging, or any form of written communication that has to be published. (Okay, not pretty anal, I seriously have to have everything a certain way or I won’t like it, let alone publish it.)

Some people get it and they love me for it, some people hate me for it. (I guarantee you when I become a marketing manager in the future, my employees are going to hate me for it! Lol) 

Ever since I saw this YouTube ad (the one with the mistake you’ve probably heard me mention) I’ve been telling absolutely everyone I can about it! Why? Not only because I’m anal and I absolutely positively hate mistakes with a passion! But also because they’re a REALLY big company, that has a ton of employees, all of whom missed this one simple mistake!

Hannah Hart Youtube Ad
See if you can spot the mistake! 🙂

(If you do LIKE this post or comment below to let me know you’ve found it. DO NOT say what the mistake is in the comments. I’d like everyone to have a fair chance of finding it themselves.)

As someone who loves writing and marketing, I feel that if it’s going to be published for others to see, there should be no mistakes. Not with your grammar, not with your punctuation, nada! It’s totally fine if you’re handing in a rough draft that you typed quickly because your deadline was like two days ago and you’re on the verge of being fired if you don’t turn in something. But if it’s going to be published for the whole world to see (okay almost the whole world lol) then it should be done right!

Which is why I always tell people to make sure they proof read! (Hell, it’s why I re-read my work at least three times before submitting it anywhere.) I even still re-read my saved addresses on all of the websites I frequently use, just to make sure it’s right, before hitting submit. (As if it’s just going to magically up and change one night. Lol)

But I’m paranoid about this stuff you guys, and you should be to, or you could end up like YouTube, with such a simple mistake published ALL over the NYC train stations. (Even though I’m pretty sure no one else has even noticed, since people in NYC barely ever stop to look at advertisements, let alone read them. Lol)

How many of you DON’T proof read at least THREE times before submitting your posts? (Be honest!) If so, comment below and let me know! (Let’s fix this problem now people! Lol)

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  1. Yana B. says:

    I agree 100%! I feel that misspelled words and incorrect grammar lowers your credibility. It’s hard sometimes to proofread your own work, but I admit that I proofread at least 3 times. Sometimes I walk away from it and come back with a fresh pair of eyes and catch more mistakes, lol. I’m not offended when people tell me about any typos or mistakes I’ve made in my writing. I welcome it! It’s one of the main things that has made me better. Great post! xoxo

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    1. Sanaa Brooks says:

      YES! I hate seeing mistakes! My English teacher used to tell me to have someone read over my work and I’m just like .. “nah .. I got this! lol”

      If I pay attention close enough, I’ll catch it. I often rather people tell me there’s a mistake, without telling me what it is so I can find it myself. 🙂

      But yes, it helps to walk away and then come back.

      Thanks for commenting!

      ~ Sanaa

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  2. I may or may not always proofread my posts…LOL! But I always read them again several times after I hit publish…haha 😉

    Seriously I’m gonna do better, maybe. And my biggest gripe now is that since I gave the Jetpack plugin the boot now half the ish is gone from my post page including spellcheck…WTF is up with that! So I’m copying/pasting into word to spell check there. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

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    1. Sanaa Brooks says:

      LMAO! I actually type my posts out in Word first, so I do all the edits there, proofread, read, edit and then transfer it to WordPress. Then I read that ish again, preview it, read it again. Lol Did I mention how anal I was about this stuff?

      You know I’m looking for an editing position right? You need me to start editing your work? lol

      But thanks for commenting!

      ~ Sanaa


  3. Sanaa Brooks says:

    Oh and y’all over here commenting & talking about mistakes and NO ONE told me I wrote Proof Read instead of Proofread in my title? Man! lol (Just fixed it though lol) =D

    (See I can admit when I make mistakes. Lol)

    ~ Sanaa


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