Here’s How I Fell In Love With Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment

A week ago, as I was reading my Real Simple Magazine, the one I got from attending their Beauty & Balance event (which you can read about here), I saw that Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment was noted as the best lip balm ever. (So of course I immediately wanted to test it out.) 

My lips are always dry, and when I say always, I do mean always! (I tell people that I’m LL Cool J’s little sister all the time because I lick my lips that much! Lol) So if this was the best lip balm ever, I was going to have to get some!

(I’m a fan of Baby Lips, but I do have to re-apply it more often than I’d like and I can never seem to find it when I need it! Ugh! It’s the modern day blistex!)

As I was checking out Fresh’s website, I noticed that they were having a pop up event in NYC, not too far from my job, and I immediately knew I was going to have to show up, friends or no friends, I was going! (In hopes that they would be giving out samples, so I could try this stuff before I actually went out and bought some.)

And of course they were!

gift bag from fresh event
My mini gift bag. I love this thing! Lol

When I got to the event, (this time my friend actually came along), my friend and I got on line and they gave us some info about their products and then signed us up for their rewards program, which I thought was really nice and of course, as the marketing person that I am, I know how smart that was as well. (Lol)

We proceeded to one of the mini lip stations  and one of their lovely representatives filled us in on their lip treatment and cleanser. (Which I hear happens to be the best cleanser in town and sephora, and since I did get a mini bottle of this stuff, we’re going to have to test that theory out soon. Lol) 

fresh soy face cleanser
This is it! I swear my sample is about this big lol

At the lip station, we tried on their sugar lip treatment in tulip and OMG! I immediately fell in love with it! Not only did it go on smooth and feel amazing on my lips but it also smelled really, really, really good! Seriously you guys, I was in love! (And since I’m known for always having products that smell really good, this lip balm was perfect!)

gumballs and lip sample at fresh event
The lip sample I refused to let go of & some gum balls! Lol

It was so damn good, I ended up getting another tiny sample (shown in the photo above), so I could reapply it once my lips tried out again. (Which was about two hours after, not six like their website says.) Everyone kept asking me if I wanted to throw it out and I just kept saying “Nooo! Mine!” like a little girl who didn’t want to let go of her candy. (Lol) It was hilarious! My friend kept having to explain to everyone why I didn’t want to throw it out!

But seriously you guys it was really good!

The only reason I didn’t buy one, since they were selling them right there, was because I was absolutely positively broke. Which explains why I was hanging on to my sample with iron fists, right?

(And … ah hem .. can I just say that selling their products during the event is also another lovely marketing idea? Who the hell is running their marketing team because I totally want a job with these people, they’re smart as hell! Lol)

fresh outside blue box
Their mini store was inside this box! Isn’t this cool?

But although they were really focusing on their lip treatments, I did get to smell one of their fragrances and boy am I glad I let them spray it on me, I was sniffing my wrist all night! (Lol) And then when I got home, I made everyone at home smell it. (Lol) So now that’s definitely on my “to buy” list. Hell I may just get it as a Mothers Day gift to myself! (Unless one of you lovely people want to buy it for me? … I’ll wait. Lol)

fresh honeysuckle perfume
This is the perfume! Omg this thing smells SO good!

After walking through their mini store and looking at their products, we waited in line to proceed to the Fresh First Kiss booth. (No there wasn’t any kissing involved! Lol) However, everyone had the choice of taking a photo or making a short video to share their story about their first kiss. We opted for taking a photo. (Which didn’t come out as great as I hoped it would and explained why everyone was taking so long! It was hard as hell to get a good photo. Lol)

Fresh first kiss booth
Here’s the booth I was just talking about.

As part of our take away gift, they gave us a coupon for a free mini deluxe sample of one of their products, so of course I went and got it right away because I was just so damn excited. (Lol) I got their lip treatment in Rose, and it’s just as good as the tulip sugar lip treatment I had at the event! (And yes, it smells just as great.) If I’m truly happy with this product, once my sample is finished, I’ll purchase the full size product.

fresh sugar lip treatment in rose
What my sample looks like! Only it’s smaller. But it still smells good! 🙂

Another great thing about Fresh is that they box their products in cute mini boxes, like their wrapping gifts! I was so freaking happy standing in their store watching one of their employees wrap up someones purchase, it was unbelievable. I actually said out loud to my friend, that boxing purchases was a really great idea, I hope they heard me! (Lol)

So all in all, let’s just say, I’m in love with this company!

Have any of you used any Fresh products? Or did any of you attend the Fresh event as well? If so, leave a comment below and let me know!

sanaa brooks signature

Note: Some of these photos I did not take during the event. They were found on Google or Fresh’s website. I do not take ownership of these photos!

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