Elle Veezy Is Back At It With Her New Single, “Where Your Man Is”

Who is Elle Veezy you say? I know, I know, sounds very similar to Lil Wayne’s nickname right? However, this young lady is in a lane all of her own, and her nickname however similar to Lil Wayne’s it may be, does not in any way shape or form speak for how talented she is. This young woman goes by the name of Elle Varner, and is blowing up slowly but surely. I’ve had the opportunity to listen to a couple of her songs before this new release and I honestly couldn’t help myself, I just had to smile. I swear I get way too excited every time I find someone with true talent!

But her new single, is definitely for the ladies! Hell her whole album seems like it’s going to be just for the ladies, but that’s a good thing. (For the ladies of course, men you may want to run while you still have the chance.) Elle Varner, or Veezy, which ever last name you prefer, is surely giving Beyonce some competition with her new single, “Where Your Man Is”, in which she sings, “it’s 9 o clock on sunday night, do you know where your man is”.

Elle is obviously trying to open a couple of eyes with this one. Ladies, if you’re in a relationship right now and you think he may be cheating, this song may just be for you. (Or it may be for you if you’re the one he’s calling and you know damn well he already has a girl. I’m just saying.) Either way if you don’t believe me on how dope this song is, check it out below, and if you do hop on the bandwagon, you can thank me later! (But if you’re the side chick, and this song just made his “main chick” open her eyes, please send all complaint letters to Elle Varner herself, I didn’t write the damn thang, please don’t shoot the messenger! I have a kid to live for! Lol)

Here’s the new single,

If you’d like to check out her work, you can always visit her website, www.ellevarner.com.

And if this becomes your new anthem, leave a message below and let me know.

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