Here’s What Every Woman Should Carry In Their Purse Everyday

“A wise man takes everything he owns with himself” – states an ancient Latin proverb. Today, this everlasting statement could also be in a direct relation with every modern woman’s hasty lifestyle. Wherever you are going, there are a bunch of things you need to have with you at all times, which will help you avoid any unexpected situation. Here is a list of must-have items you simply must carry in your purse, no matter how big or small it is.

Maintain your personal hygiene

You constantly meet dozens of people and visit numerous places every single day. Travelling by public transportation, shaking hands, opening and shutting doors, you get in direct contact with lots of parasites and germs. However, it is less likely that they will cause serious trouble if you have good habits regarding personal hygiene. First things first, you have to use a hand sanitizer or antibacterial wet tissues. Use them every time before you eat or touch your face because they will get rid of the bacteria.

Also, don’t forget to buy a small pack of tissues. Since they are really tiny, they don’t require a lot of space in your purse and more importantly, they are multifunctional. We use them all the time – when we sniff, spill a drink or go to the bathroom.

Your own little pharmacy

Having your personal little pharmacy within your bag is not a bad idea at all! For example, terrible headaches are usually a result of hard work or a particularly stressful event, and instead of enduring them, you should prevent them. That is the main reason why you should always have aspirin with you.

When counting the days left before the beginning of your period, even calendars can lie. That is why you have to be constantly prepared for this unpredictable situation. By putting several tampons or pads in a small, hidden section of the bag, you will certainly avoid a possible embarrassing moment! Also, there is always a girlfriend who keeps forgetting to bring her own!

Using proper contraceptive methods is something every woman should bear in mind at all times, in order to avoid an unwanted pregnancy or any sexually transmitted diseases. Even if you’re on the pill, you should carry the condoms of your choice in your purse at all times. They will be with you all the time and you’ll never have to remind yourself about bringing them. You will never have to worry about protection.

Having a hand moisturizer or lotion is another great idea. Uncomfortably dry and itchy skin that makes you feel self-conscious should definitively be prevented.

Essential make-up

Make-up has always represented one of the most prominent must-have items in every woman’s purse. You should never forget to have it on you. However, you don’t have to stuff everything you own in a bag. The bag may end up quite large. On the contrary, pick your favorite mascara, lipstick, foundation and eye shadow that go with every outfit, put them in a small vanity case and you are ready to go! Don’t overdo it: essentials only.

Be prepared for every emergency situation

Unexpected things may happen at any time. For example, the power could go out while you’re in the elevator. Finding yourself alone in total darkness is not pleasant at all. That is why you should have a lighter with you even if you are not a smoker. If you prefer, you can carry a flashlight, and a box of matches is also advisable. This petite item will always keep you safe.

You should also carry some emergency cash, enough to get you home wherever you are. If your car stopped in the middle of nowhere or if your wallet was stolen, this additional money would definitely be useful. Just don’t spend it on a pair of shoes!

Also, having a sewing kit in your purse has always been extremely practical. What would you do if the button from your blouse went missing just before a meeting? A needle and thread would easily solve this problem. Make sure you know how to use them too!

These are just several essential items you should certainly have in your purse. With them, you will always have everything you need at your fingertips. Fill your purse with them and you are ready for action!

This blog post was written by Norah Martin (

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