The 3 Holidays I Wish I Celebrated

As the holiday season approaches, I am reminded that there are more holidays during this time of the year than just Christmas. And the truth is … I really wish I celebrated them all! Here are all the holidays I don’t celebrate, but wish I did and why below:


Happy Hanukkah

First of all, this holiday is celebrated for EIGHT days, not one, not two, but eight! Who the hell wouldn’t want to have an eight day celebration? (Anyone? Yeah, exactly! No one! Lol) But did you know part of their tradition was to eat doughnuts during this holiday season? Um … yeah, I’m totally down!

(I’m from NYC people, we don’t care if we eat too much carbs, so I’m not worried about my weight. Just bring on the doughnuts people!)

Also, apparently women don’t have to work during the first half hour after lighting each candle. Dude, that’s a half hour break every day for eight days!

(I don’t even like jelly, but these sure do look good!)


Why don’t I celebrate this holiday again?

(Aside from the fact that I’m not Jewish! Ugh!)

And of course this wouldn’t be a holiday if there weren’t “gifts” involved right? Usually kids get what’s called “Hanukkah gelt”, aka money during this holiday.

(That right there is a good enough reason to celebrate in my book! Who doesn’t love getting money?)



So Kwanzaa is another week long celebration, that I just don’t understand why I don’t celebrate it.

(Especially since I’m African-American and those pretty colors and clothing designs are right up my alley!)

But what’s really cool about this holiday is that each day has a different term connected to it. There’s unity, self determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith.

(Crazy thing is I never knew about the cooperative economics one until today!) 

Days Of Kwanzaa

Either way this holiday is all about togetherness and helping each other! But since each holiday has it’s perks, here’s what this holiday is filled with: music, candle lightings, artistic performances and of course a feast!

(Black folks just can’t have a celebration without food huh? Lol)

Chinese New Year

happy chinese new year

First of all, this is probably the longest celebration ever, (it’s about two weeks long), and it ends with the Lantern Festival.

(Um, is that two celebrations in one? Score!) 

There’s also a reunion dinner on the second day of this holiday. (I guess asian folks like to eat as well huh? Lol) They also decorate the house with paper made, pretty decorations. But the part I’d really hate is cleaning the whole house! (Not that my family doesn’t already do this for EVERY holiday season, anyway. Ugh! Lol)

But have I mentioned the red envelopes? If you know nothing about Chinese New Year, you probably have at least heard about these red envelopes. But if you haven’t, they’re usually stuffed with money. (At least I think they’re stuffed. Lol) All I know is, (from what I’ve heard from my asian friends), asian folks aren’t as cheap as black folks when it comes to holidays and giving out money, so let’s just go with this. (Lol) And let’s not forget the dragons!

chinese new year dragon

Of course I know that these holidays mean a lot more than just getting money (as does Christmas and every other holiday) and I obviously don’t just want to celebrate them because of their “perks”. I think each of these holidays are special in their own way and I’ve honestly always wanted to celebrate them.

(However those perks just make these holidays a whole lot better!)

Do YOU celebrate any of these holidays? What can you tell me about your experiences growing up or even now? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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