These Are The Best Commercials I’ve Seen This Year!

I’ve always loved commercials, but I also know that there are a lot of awful ones on TV right now (and I can only imagine that we’ve both seen enough boring commercials to last a life time), am I right?

Hell, I’ve even wondered at one point why they still play commercials since I’m pretty sure everyone either changes the channel when they come on (attempting to try to watch two shows at once) or does everything they need to do (like running to the bathroom, getting a snack, sweeping the floor, etc) until their show starts up again.

(Of course I know why commercials are really played, my year as an advertising major at St. John’s University hasn’t been done in vain.)

However, I’d like to commend everyone that helped produce these commercials because these are some of the best commercials I’ve ever seen! (If you haven’t seen these commercials yet I think you’re in for a real treat … okay … maybe not, but at least you won’t hate EVERY commercial that’s currently on TV these days. Lol)

So here are my absolute FAVORITE commercials right now:

Honey Nut Cheerios 

This song is definitely great! Honey Nut Cheerios is doing a great job producing new interesting commercials. I didn’t think it would get better than their, “It Must Be The Honey” commercial, but somehow they’ve managed to still keep my interest. Here’s their commercial for the holiday season:

Surface Pro 3

Okay, so I’ve been wanting a Surface Pro since the first time I’ve heard about them and this Christmas jingle in their new commercial just makes me want one even more! Check it out below:


OMG! This one gets me every time! (Shout out to the music supervisor on this one, really good job you guys!) I totally thought something was really going on, I mean the music definitely suggests that he’s looking for someone for a really big reason! LIES! (Lol) Damn idiot just wanted the freaking Netflix password! I have never laughed out loud so damn hard at a commercial before until I saw this one! And the fact that her password was … omg, just watch it!


I think this commercial is so freaking funny! (Lol) It’s just ironic how the two “nerdy” employees are making a speech while the song “Turn Down For What” is playing in the background. Once again, good music choice! I can’t even tell you what it’s really about because I don’t think it really matters when the commercial is that good. (Omg, that was such a lie, because if it was truly a good commercial, I would remember what it was about right? Lol. Sigh) Either way, it’s entertaining, just watch it!

Coca Cola + Walmart

I almost forgot about this one, and I don’t even know how! (So glad I wrote this one down.) Every time I see this commercial, I get all sad and emotional! (DAMN you both! Lol) But it’s such a good story line. At first I thought he was just saving up because he wanted a new bike and I thought oh great cool, and then when I saw who the bike was REALLY for I swear I almost cried! (Hell I’m on the verge of crying right now just thinking about it. Ugh!)

Have you guys realized that the common denominator in all of these commercials is the music? Ironic much? I definitely just finished going to school for audio recording and production, and one of the last classes I had was post production audio, which is the reason I’m currently so interested in music supervision and music for picture.

But whether I’m biased or not, these commercials are pretty damn good … well at least they’re entertaining. So go ahead and just watch them already!

If you love them as much as I do (or hate them), leave a comment below and let me know.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 6.38.52 PM

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