I Wanna Be Like These Bloggers When I Grow Up!

So lately I’ve been feeling like I should just throw in the towel … (again), when it comes to blogging, because I feel like it’s starting to become way too time consuming! I really want to post frequently, but I feel like it’s taking up valuable time that I could be using to do something else.

(Don’t ask me what that something else is though, because I have no freaking clue.)

So I’ve just been a bit torn as to what I should do.

However, I’ve decided that I should start taking my laptop to work with me, so I can draft blog posts on my train rides to and from work, since their about an hour long each way.

(That way I’d have more time when I’m at home to focus on more important things aka my daughter!)

I obviously still need to work on a good routine right now! (Hopefully I can get a good one going for the new year.) But even though I may be feeling a bit down, what I do know is that blogging makes me feel more accomplished in life. (Does that sound as crazy to you as it does to me or no? Sigh.) I’ve always been a writer, (and a talker) so blogging comes naturally; and since the rest of my life currently sucks right now, my blog is what has been keeping me sane!

I know a lot of bloggers usually ask other bloggers what keeps them motivated and today I realized what keeps ME motivated. Aside from finding interesting things to blog about, I’ve noticed that if I read someone else’s blog that I REALLY like, I’ll instantly become inspired again. I start thinking, “Yeah … I can do this! Look how great her blog is, I want mine to be this great one day! Guess I should start working on mine a bit more.”

(Okay so maybe that’s not EXACTLY what goes through my head, but that’s basically how I feel when I read a couple of the blogs I’m currently following.)

So this blog is dedicated to the blogs (and bloggers) that I have recently found and currently love! It’s also my way of saying thank you for keeping me motivated and inspired to keep blogging!

Here are the blogs (and their owners):

Tyece from

Twenties Unscripted Blog Owner

Twenties Unscripted


Chrissie from:

lipstick villian blog owner

Lipstick Villain


Charlie from:

Mummy In The Know Blog Owner

Mummy In The Know


Kita from:

Collecting Daisies Blog Owner

Collecting Daisies 


Nicole from:

Girl Rates World Blog Owner

Girl Rates World


Stacey from:

Mummy And The Bubbas Blog Owner

Mummy And The Bubbas

So now that you guys know who they are (and now that THEY know they’re my inspiration) I’d like to know one thing.

To the ladies mentioned above:

How do you guys stay motivated and inspired?

All of you women seem to live full lives and STILL have an amazing blog, so please tell me how do you do it! Do you have a routine or schedule? Do you plan ahead? What’s the secret?

And if any of you other bloggers have tips as to how I can blog frequently without feeling overwhelmed, leave a comment below and let me know! Thanks in advance.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 6.38.52 PM

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  1. Kita says:

    Thanks for featuring me! That truly means a lot! I’ve only been blogging for a few months and every now and then I get to where I just don’t feel like posting cause I think no one’s paying attention, then someone will leave a meaningful comment or feature me like you did, and it pushes me to keep blogging 🙂 That being said, just being able to express myself how I want with whatever I want is really my motivation to keep blogging. I don’t follow a strict schedule cause feeling like I *have* to do something really turns me off and that’s no good haha hang in there, girl. You’ve got a great blog! (:

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    1. Sanaa Brooks says:

      Ha! You sound just like me! lol I’ve blogged for someone else before and I had to stop because I began to hate it! I hate having to write on a certain topic for a certain time, it takes the joy out of it. But thanks! 🙂

      And you’re very welcome! Glad I can motivate you as well. 🙂


  2. Tyece says:

    Sanaa, thank you so much for featuring me in this beautiful collection! I’ve learned of some new bloggers I want to check out now from this list as well.

    To answer some of the questions you posed at the conclusion of the post, I don’t know if there’s any one way to stay motivated and inspired. I just know that I keep myself open to inspiration from any source–tweets, conversations, my day job, the world around–whatever. When it comes to staying motivated, I just feed off the adrenaline of creating dope shit. I’m always so excited about what’s next and what else I can do to shape the world through my words and art. Another big piece of motivation is knowing when to reset, take a break and refocus. I learned that the hard way this past year. Sometimes it’s nice to jump off the treadmill.

    Also, in terms of maintaining a full life and also sustaining a blog, scheduling and self-discipline are key. I probably don’t sleep as much as I should, but that’s a different story. I use CoSchedule to schedule all of my posts and social media content. It makes my life much easier. I also just really practice being self-disciplined. Watch Love and Hip Hop for an hour, go write for two more. Lounge on a Sunday, but spend a Friday night working on projects and planning. Balance is key, but no one is going to tell you to sit down and work on your blog. That’s only something you have to tell yourself. The only way to get ahead is to do what others aren’t willing to do.

    Hope this helps! Always feel free to reach out if you ever need anything.


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    1. Sanaa Brooks says:

      Thanks Tyece! (I’m probably pronouncing that totally wrong in my head so forgive me lol)

      But yeah, I’ve been thinking about scheduling a couple of posts for the rest of the year and then just going on a break in January to just restructure my life, but I don’t wanna go back to not blogging for a month. Especially not after I’ve gotten better at blogging more constantly. Sigh. I’ve been thinking about having a couple of other bloggers do some guest blog posts in January so I can keep it going, but we’ll see.

      Thanks again for replying! 🙂


  3. Chrissie says:

    OMG! This literally made my eyes a little watery! Thank you so much! YOU inspired ME! When we acknowledge the hard work of others, we don’t know how much that pushes them to want to be a better version of themselves! I learned something from you today & I will be forever grateful for that! People like you keep me motivated! All of my readers, whether it’s ONE single comment keeps me motivated!

    I still don’t think I have it all together, but I don’t focus on trying to. Expressing myself through my writing is all i care about. Readership will come eventually! This November made a year that LipstickVillain.com has been up and running!

    When it comes to blogging, It’s all about time management. I have this plugin called “WP Calendar” and basically you can assign different days & times for your drafts to post. So you can be out with friends, and boom! One of your drafts get published 🙂

    Sleep is so foreign to me. Because of this, I usually stay up all night because that’s when my creativity peaks. Everyone’s different! However, my sister who just started blogging herself (check her out!! music/lifestyle blog: 808sAndVinyls.wordpress.com) carries a notepad!!!! I never thought to do that! She she drafts all of her ideas whenever she has time, and just writes them up when she can. She’ll literally do this on her lunch break, or before bed. I myself will start incorporating this into my life lol!

    Engage with bloggers that have different subject matters, or things that interest you! This is always cool because you end up learning dope shit!

    I always keep in mind that I’m helping somebody, and that one day I’ll be a super star!! (LOL) you just gotta have fun with it and not take yourself too seriously. There’s really no big secret to being a successful blogger. It’s all about keeping faith, staying positive, and believe in your writing! Just remember, what the mind thinks, the body follows. You were once a reader before a blogger 😉


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    1. Sanaa Brooks says:

      Lol omg (1) I’ll check it out 🙂 (2) I’m a night person myself so yeah I find myself up late drafting things lol (3) I write shit down in my phone all the time but honestly if I don’t start working on it right then and there when I’m excited about it I’ll end up not doing it even if I write it down lol I’m weird. But thanks so much Chrissie! (I really thought I was the only one that wrote really long comments until I saw everyone’s comments today lol)

      Basically what I’ve learned today is I’m on the right track I just gotta keep at it lol

      So thanks you guys! 🙂

      And I’m glad I made your eyes watery? lol I’m joking .. But thanks you guys! This has made me feel a lot better.


  4. Wow, what a fantastic post!

    Sanaa, thank you for featuring me in your post along with these amazing women including yourself. I will be checking out the inspirational bloggers that you have listed for sure.

    I have had such a rubbish time at the moment and even thought to give up blogging and youtube, but it’s post like this or comment’s on my post and video’s that make me continue. Thank you Sanaa.

    To answer one of your question, I try to balance my personal life and blogging/youtube as much as I can, however at times it’s hard. I have a 7 month old and a nine year old that demand’s alot of time plus a husband and a household to run. What I have started to do is draft post’s on my phone, I downloaded the WordPress app and when I have time ( coffee time while my son is sleeping etc…) I will start to write a post on my phone, I find this the easiest. I also find I am more active at night and this is when idea’s come flooding in so I make a note down of what I will post next.

    These are just some of the way’s I balance both.

    I love writing and making video’s however when it get’s to the point when I question what I am doing, I take a step back and take a break.

    I hope this help’s and makes sense, I am currently up now with my 7 month old as he’s teething, so between a crying baby and writing this my grammar may be terrible lol.


    1. Sanaa Brooks says:

      Oh gosh your grammar was fine! (Trust me I would know because I can spot mistakes from a mile away lol) But I also have a 2 yr old so that’s why I’ve been feeling like this lately. So I know how hard it must be.

      I will definitely be taking a break soon just so I can get a hold of my life in the new year as well since I feel like it’s needed.

      But I’m glad I could help! 🙂

      I find it funny how everything everyone has suggested is everything I already do lol I guess I just need a break.

      But thank you so much for replying!


  5. First of all, a world of thanks. I’m beyond HONORED to be on your list :-). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about giving up on blogging. Add to that the amount of times that I actually did give up and you will see it’s something I struggle with constantly. I’ve tried to justify the amount of time and effort I put into my blog and sometimes I honestly can’t. But it’s my passion and I LOVE IT!! It’s my therapy. My outlet. My way to express –me. I wish I could do it for a living…but I can’t. I still have to work, be a single mom and juggle everything else. So when I debate about quitting, it’s because I feel like my blood, sweat and tears are going unnoticed. And, like an artist, I’m sensitive about my crap. So I do take it personal. But at the end of the day, I always come back to my love.

    Lately I’ve been using a new strategy where I bulk create posts. I’ll bang out drafts on Saturday and Sunday for hours. Then I tweak them and schedule them during the week. This way I spend less time on my blog during the week and I can keep a consistent post schedule. I’ve started to schedule some of my social media shares too! I use hoot suite and buffer for that.

    To stay motivated, I keep reminding myself that this is my hobby and even if it doesn’t get the notification I think it deserves…it’s still my baby. A reflection of me and everything I love to talk about. Being a blogger is a VERY challenging job. Those people who have succeeded to become full-time bloggers, my hat goes off to them. I’m not sure if it’s a science or if it’s one of those “either you have it or you don’t” things. But I do know it ain’t easy.

    Thanks again for featuring me, Sanaa. I hope we stay in touch and can continue to share with each other. This has been one of the best things about blogging — fellowshipping with others like you. I’ve met so many good blogging buddies. That has been a big motivator for me as well. With that said, you can reach out to me at any time if you want to collab, vent or just say HI. I’ll be here…hanging in there with you 🙂


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    1. Sanaa Brooks says:

      Yeah, with my sucky life and a crazy 2 year old I kept wondering if it was worth putting in all this time on my blog. But just like you, this is something I love doing, so I keep doing it. Hopefully I’ll get the hang of it soon. Even after 2 almost 3 years I still haven’t found a way to balance everything in my life so I know the frustration.

      But thanks so much! 🙂 I’m definitely going to stay in touch because I do want to collab with everyone starting in the new year. So cheers to that! Lol

      Thanks again Nicole!


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