Why You Should Stay Home On New Years Eve 

So every year in NYC people can’t wait for New Years Eve so they can go to Times Square and see the ball drop!

And every year, I try to convince myself that I should go to!

(I still haven’t been able to do so successfully!)

I know it seems like a great thing to do, but here’s why I stay home every year (and why you should to):

1. It’s too cold!

No seriously! It’s way too freaking cold outside! EVERY year I think about going to Times Square and then I hear the freaking temperature and I’m just like …never mind, there’s always next year! I don’t like the cold, so I’m damn sure not standing outside all day just so I can get a good spot to see the ball drop! No thanks, I’ll pass!

2. It’s too crowded!

I HATE being stuck in between a bunch of other people, especially if I don’t know them! Why would I put myself in that situation just to see the ball drop? It’s seriously not that big of a deal people! I’d rather stay home where I have enough space to fling my arms around as I please. (Not that I fling my arms around all the time when I’m home.)

3. I can watch the ball drop at home!

The same thing you’re standing outside in the freezing cold to watch being squished by other human beings just for a spot, is the SAME thing I’m watching at home! So if I can see it at home, then why would I go out in the cold (usually below 0 degrees) to see it? No thanks! I like my bed!

4. I have no one too kiss!

Yep, this may the actual reason I stay home you guys!

(Okay I’m lying, it’s not, the real reason I stay home is reason’s 1-3.)

But maybe if I actually had someone to kiss when the ball dropped, he’d be more successful in convincing me to go out there?

(I doubt it .. but still!)

Do YOU go out to see the ball drop on New Years Eve? And if you’re not from NYC do you want to? What do you think! I’d love to hear your opinion on this, so leave a comment below and let me know!

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 6.38.52 PM

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