Sanaa Brooks Says: Music Artists Should Register With a PRO Now!

This weeks question is:

Should a music artist sign up with ASCAP now or later?

My answer:


Every music artist should sign up with a PRO, (performance rights organization), as soon as they’ve put out their first single (or album).


It saves time!

It’s much easier to upload one song (or album) after you’ve released it (or even before), instead of waiting until someone decides they’d like to use your song in a video or you decide you’re going to perform at a concert to upload everything all at once.

It’s a good way to keep track of radio spins.

The whole point of signing up with a PRO, such as ASCAP, is to keep track of radio spins (or performances, video plays, etc) to know how much money you’ll be making, right? Right! So the earlier you sign up with them, the better it is for you. (And your wallet.) And if your song blows up 2 months from now, guess who doesn’t have to worry about registering their song to collect those royalties that’ll be pouring in?

Every penny counts.

It doesn’t matter if your song isn’t playing all over the world today, what matters is that your songs are accounted for. So what if your song was only played twice this week, and three times last week? It adds up!

But ASCAP isn’t the only PRO, another big one a lot of artists use is BMI. As with everything in the music industry, you should do your research and pick the one that’s best suited for you.

(So stop reading this and go register!)

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