Buying Glasses Online The Warby Parker Way: My “Home Try On” Experience (Part 2)

My glasses have finally arrived!

warby parker glasses ordered by Sanaa Brooks

 Okay so they got here yesterday, but I’ve been really busy. However, I was really impressed by the way the glasses were packaged. In fact, so impressed that I decided to take photos so I could show you guys!

This is what it looks like on the outside (pretty filters not included):

Warby Parker Home Try On

And this is what it looks like on the inside:

Warby Parker Home Try On Warby Parker Home Try On Inside Box Glasses View

As you can see in the first photo (of the inside) they also give you this  cool card that gives you a bit of info on what to do when you get your glasses and a spot to write down your first thoughts when you try them on. Which is freaking great, because I usually forget what I looked like once I take off a pair of glasses, and my first instincts are usually right. So being able to write down exactly how I feel, when I’m feeling it, definitely helps a lot.

Here’s that cool card I was just talking about:

Warby Parker - comment sheet

Anywho! If you read part one to this post, you already know that I was really excited to try these glasses on!

(*sings* And if you don’t know … now you know! Where’s all my Biggy fans? I see you! Lol)

Anyway, I was a bit worried about how they would look on my “stupid face” as I mentioned in my other post. (Lol) Surprisingly, the ones I REALLY liked actually looked great!

(Now if only someone would hire me so I could buy a freaking pair! Ugh)

Anyway, here’s the final shots (after taking a million of them lol):

(Note: Clicking the photos will take you to the web page for each pair.)

Sanaa Brooks in Warby Parker Wilkie framesWilkie in Eastern Bluebird Fade

Sanaa Brooks in Warby Parker Laurel framesLaurel in Tea Rose Fade

Sanaa Brooks  in Warby Parker Marshall framesMarshall in Rum Cherry

Sanaa Brooks in Warby Parker durand framesDurand in Saddle Russet

Sanaa Brooks in Warby Parker Seymour framesSeymour in Tennessee Whiskey

So if you haven’t guessed by now, the Laurel frames are my absolute favs! They make me feel all fancy shmancy. (Don’t ask! Lol) I loved them as soon as I put them on! And since I already need a pair of new glasses, as soon as I get a new job I’m going to purchase a pair. But until then, I guess I can just stare at the photo and admire how good I look in them right?

(Don’t judge me! Lol)

Anyway I think they all look great, although the colors on the website aren’t really what you get in real life, and because of the way the photos of the glasses are taken, some of the frames look smaller on the site than they actually are in real life. But they’re close and they still look really good. Also, their customer service is pretty freaking good. Remember that email I was waiting on?

(If you don’t that’s probably because you didn’t read part 1 dammit! Stop reading … scroll up and read that first so you know what the hell is going on here people. It’s like entering a movie half way through … just don’t do it! This post can wait. Or not? Lol) 

Pardon my mini rant, but back to what I was saying.

Right after I published my first post, a couple of hours later they actually did respond to my email, so if you don’t mind waiting a day or you’re really busy and won’t even know the difference, you’ll have no problem communicating via email. They’re also available to help out on Twitter as well!

(And unlike some other brands, they actually respond to you!)

So here’s some hard facts to take notes on:

1. I ordered my glasses on Nov 11th (at night) and received my package on Nov 17th (during the morning).

2. I emailed them about a concern I had (see part one for info about that concern) and they replied the next day.

3. I asked a customer service rep about the exact same concern via their online chat, and he found out the answer in less than a minute and relayed back the info to me.

4. Almost every tweet I posted including “@warbyparker” got a quick response (about 24 hrs).

5. The “Home Try On” service is free of charge, although they charge your credit/debit card a $1 fee to validate the card. (The charge is removed within 48 hrs.)

So in conclusion (to this freaking essay lol), I really enjoyed ordering my glasses using Warby Parker’s “Home Try On” service and I absolutely love their glasses! It’s really breaking my heart that I have to send them back soon. Sigh! But now I can’t wait to order my own pair!

If this review has helped you in any way, please leave a comment below!

Thanks! 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 6.38.52 PM

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