Solange Knowles’s Wedding Portraits Are Picture Perfect

Now I normally don’t care about celebrity weddings, and honestly, I almost overlooked this one, but since I am a sucker for amazing wedding photos I couldn’t help myself, I just had to stop and stare. The photos were released by Vogue, but that’s about all I know since I honestly don’t care about her wedding or who she was married to. (So you won’t find that information here. Seriously, I didn’t even read the article to find out anything so I know absolutely nothing! Lol)

If that’s what you’re looking for please visit Vogue’s site.

However, although I’m not here to give you the scoop on her wedding, I am here to show off Solange’s amazing wedding portraits! (And so I can save these photos for future references!) These photos are beyond amazing, and I definitely applaud Rog Walker for his photo concept because they’re absolutely fabulous!

Here are a few of the photos:

solange knowles wedding portrait by Rog Walker

I absolutely love this portrait! Although maybe her mom should have  been sitting as well? Just to even things out.

solange knowles wedding dress by Rog Walker

Now I don’t care for this dress, but it does suit her well, and I do like the piece over her shoulders.

solange knowles wedding by Rog WalkerThis is a really cute husband and wife photo, and if you look closely, doesn’t it look like her hands could possibly fit into his? (I also dream of having my future husband in an all white suit, but he’s going to have to wear white shoes as well!)

So what do you think about these wedding portraits? Aren’t they amazing? Let me know what you think of them in a comment below.

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