Help Them Help Kids Hone Their Writing Skills: The Warby Parker X 826 Collection

Allow me to introduce you to the new

Warby Parker X 826 collection!

Warby Parker X 826 - Kidd Revolver Black Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

(Click the photo to view the frames on the Warby Parker site.)

Warby Parker (a glasses company) has partnered with 826 National (a company that helps students hone their writing skills) to produce their new Kidd in Revolver Black frames. Each pair of frames has an edition number on the arm, numbered out of 826! (Cool right? They partnered with a company that’s called 826 and actually made 826 pairs of glasses! Lol)

Okay enough of the bad puns!

Glasses are available in either optical (in honor of 826’s NYC branch), or sunglasses (in honor of 826’s LA branch). And the really cool part is, for EVERY pair of glasses you buy, Warby Parker donates a pair of glasses to someone else. So you aren’t just getting a great pair of glasses, you’re also GIVING a great pair of glasses to someone else as well.

But it doesn’t just stop there! Warby Parker has also sponsored two original 826 publications. One of which features poems, short stories and essays written from program students, called The Review (which is from the NYC branch). The other publication is an activity book that holds a number of prompts and projects for kids to fill in (from the LA branch).

The Kidd in Revolver Black frames are $95, and although the books are sold separately, all the proceeds from the book sales go straight to 826 National. So you can get a pair of glasses, donate a pair to someone else AND donate to 826 National by purchasing a book, all in one day! And since November is basically the month of giving (okay well not really, but it should be). If you buy a pair of glasses, or purchase a book, let me know in a comment below and I’ll be glad to say, “Thanks for giving”! (I know I said no more bad puns, but I couldn’t help it! Lol)

You can visit Warby Parker’s website today at:

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