Buying Glasses Online The Warby Parker Way: My “Home Try On” Experience (Part 1)

Okay so I was really intrigued by the Warby Parker X 826 collection, and decided to check out their other glasses. They’re just as great. (Okay I’m lying their better!) I wish I wasn’t broke because I sure do need a new pair of glasses right now! However, while browsing through their site, I noticed they had a “Home Try On” service where you can order up to 5 frames to be delivered to your home, try them on and then send them back in. All for FREE! (They charge you a $1 fee to validate your card, but it’s supposed to be taken off your card within 48 hours.)

They have so many friggin’ options I didn’t know how I was going to choose just 5! Getting to take home 5 frames seems like a lot, until you see all the choices they have, and how many you actually want! Ugh. But apparently some of the ones that I wanted were already out with customers, so that helped narrow down my choices a bit.

Being able to take home 5 frames sounds really cool, (and is really helpful when buying glasses online), until I realized that this Ebola scare thing is still going on. Which made me wonder, how safe is this service? So to protect myself, my family (and you guys), I decided to contact their customer service to find out!

Here’s a copy of my online chat with one of their customer service associates:

Warby Parker Chat Transcript

So as you can see it’s totally safe! I also emailed them the same question just to see how fast they’d respond and I haven’t been contacted yet. So hopefully they contact me before I do part 2 of this post, so I can tell you guys how long they took to reply. (But as you can already see, chatting with them online gets you a faster response.)

What’s also really cool is they show you the sizes of each frames on the site! (Hell I didn’t even realize each frame is a different size until I saw this on their site, so I’m glad I checked it out!) This makes shopping for glasses online really easy because all you have to do is check the inside of your current glasses for the size and then match it with the sizes on the site, and you’ll know if the glasses you want will fit or not before you even try them.

Here’s what I ordered:

(For more info on each frame, click the photo.)

Warby Parker - Laurel in Tea Rose Fade EyeglassesLaurel in Tea Rose Fade

Warby Parker - Seymour in Tennessee Whiskey EyeglassesSeymour in Tennessee Whiskey

Warby Parker - Marshall in Rum Cherry EyeglassesMarshall in Rum Cherry

Warby Parker - Durand in Saddle Russet EyeglassesDurand in Saddle Russet

Warby Parker - Wilkie in Eastern Bluebird Fade EyeglassesWilkie in Eastern Bluebird Fade

I really like the fade designs, where the top of the frame is darker than the bottom. I’ve never seen that before, so I think it’s pretty cool. I just hope it looks good on my stupid face! (Lol) I’ll post photos of me in each frame in my next post (“Buying Glasses Online The Warby Parker Way: My “Home Try On” Experience Part 2″), along with the rest of my experience. They’re supposed to take 2 days to ship, and I ordered them last night, so they should ship by Friday! I’m way too excited right now! (I’m just upset I can’t actually purchase anything yet. Sigh!)

Anyway, that’s it for today. You can follow my blog to stay updated, so that way you’ll know when I post the next half of my experience. Or you can just check back some time next week! Thanks for reading! If you’d like to check out Warby Parker on your own, you can visit there site here:

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