So What If Taylor Swift Skipped Her Awards Show To See Her Brothers Play!

So apparently Taylor Swift skipped the awards show she was supposed to attend, to go see her brother perform in his college play!

Big whoppe dee doo people!

How the hell did that seriously become news? (I seriously hate this celeb worship thing people have going on these days!)

Celebs are humans too you know! All this means is that she cares more about her family than her damn self! Which is freaking great! Just not news worthy! Buzzfeed (where I learned this oh so important piece of news from) makes her seem as though she was doing a good deed, by skipping her own show to go to someone else’s.

So now every time a celeb does something nice for someone else we’re going to tell the world about it? Ugh! Ridiculous! (As if they aren’t pestered enough already?)

Here’s the article from buzz feed, gushing over the fact that Taylor Swift too is indeed a kind human being, (as so many other people are):

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