Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes: Caribbean Style

Gobble Gobble Day is coming you guys and who’s not thinking about food? We’re either stressing about what we’re going to cook and how we’re going to finish it all in time or how we’re going to fit all that food into our tummies! Well, I can’t help you stuff your tummy with stuffing, but I can give you a couple of ideas of what to cook! So each week, I’ll post a different dinner meal with the recipes for each dish.

This week’s dinner is inspired by the Caribbean. Since my parents are from St. Vincent, I grew up eating most of what’s on this menu every Thanksgiving. It’s sort of the west indian “traditional” thanksgiving menu. (Although I guarantee you that there’s usually way more food than this, this is sort of the condensed version.)

Dinner Menu:

Jerk Turkey

Curry Goat

Rice & peas

Macaroni Pie

Collard Greens

Sweet Potato Pudding


(Click the photos for the recipes)

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  1. All these sound great!! I’ve not thought of jerk turkey before. The whole turkey? Not too much meat? I could do the legs, I think. I’m from Jamaica, by the way. I’m getting hungry just thinking about this right now…

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    1. Sanaa Brooks says:

      I get hungry every time I see this post. Lol. (I was hungry when I wrote it) But I love turkey so if no one else eats it then there’s just more for me! Lol. Glad you liked the post & thanks for commenting. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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