November Blog Challenge: Your Opinion On Cheating

My opinion on cheating is simple … don’t friggin’ cheat!

I think if you’re on the brink of cheating, then you obviously don’t love the person you’re about to cheat on as much as you think you do. If you really do love someone you wouldn’t cheat on them, it’s just that simple! It’s a lot better to just break up with someone and be with who ever you want to, then going behind their back and cheating.

What the hell do you gain from cheating anyway? Other than heartache and headaches? So what if he/she’s “bad” or he/she’s coming on to you? You’re telling me you didn’t have enough self control to just walk away?

So here’s a great time for this oh so embarrassing story of mine! Okay, so I finally got the courage to ask some dude for his number and we ended up texting all night. (Until he asked what I wanted from him.) I decided instead of being the shy person that I am and trying to hint it, that I would just tell him straight up that I wanted a date, so I did. Which of course, he then confessed that he had a girlfriend. But the crazy part is, he then asked if it was a problem or was I still going to try to “get some”. (Not in those exact words, but that’s what he meant.)

Like seriously? It’s so damn bad these days that men are actually ASKING if the women even cares if he’s taken or not? Either way, I’m not a home wrecker, so the answer was simple. But I still can’t believe he’d actually asked that.

Anyway, I think cheating is a no no, and I definitely wouldn’t ever take someone who’s cheated back because I believe in the saying, “once a cheater, always a cheater”.  What’s your opinion on cheating?

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