November Blog Challenge: Day 5

Day 5: 5 Things That Irritate You About The Opposite Sex/Same Sex

5 Things That Irritate Me About The Opposite Sex:

1. When EVERY conversation leads to talking about sex! 

Like seriously dude, this isn’t just annoying but it’s also a turn off. If you can’t have a decent conversation with me without it leading into sex, then please, spare us both and just don’t talk to me!

2. When I can see his ass!

Not just his boxers, but the actual imprint of his ass. If I wanted to see your ass I’d ask you to undress yourself, or probably do the undressing myself! Get the hint? NO ONE wants to see your ass in public! PULL UP YA DAMN PANTS!

3. Smoking! 

I don’t care what you smoke, how often you smoke, etc. It bothers me! And if I do keep talking to you, even though I know you smoke, do me a favor and don’t smoke near me!

4. Not being able to write slang in proper English!

Exactly how dumb that sounds, is how stupid I feel when I read a text or a message written from a dude that’s attractive but doesn’t even know how to write in proper slang terms! It’s one thing to not be able to speak proper English, but you can’t speak broken English either? Ugh!

5. Touching my hair without permission!

UNLESS you are my boyfriend, that I claim, not someone who thinks he is, please don’t touch my hair! It’s the easiest way to get cursed out and most likely hit! So unless you like being hit (which some dudes do unfortunately) please don’t touch my hair!

5 Things That Irritate Me About The Same Sex:

1. Women who put on makeup while riding public transportation!

I’m already bothered by the fact that you think wearing makeup is so damn important that you still need to put it on AFTER you’ve already left the house without it. But when you’re trying to put it on while the train/bus is moving and you’re STANDING you just look stupid! (And I hope your eye liner sticks you in your eye!)

2. Women who don’t wear proper clothes outside!

It’s freaking freezing outside and you’re wearing a crop top? Seriously? You don’t think it’s time to put away your summer clothes? There’s snow on the ground!

3. Smoking! 

What’s more annoying that men smoking? Women smoking! No explanation needed!

4. Women that don’t pay attention to their kids in public!

Why the hell are you texting, talking on the phone, listening to music, anything but watching your new born while you’re in public is beyond me! It’s bad enough you can’t see them, now you can’t hear them either? Smart! Oh and will you PLEASE tell your child to stop running around in the store like they’re at home! The supermarket is NOT the playground!

5. Women that are just plain stupid!

You know the definition of a “dumb blonde”? Yeah well women like that irritate the FCK out of me! I had one in my class recently and everything she said just sounded stupid! UGH! Please don’t let that be you! It’s really not cute!

So now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, is there anything about the opposite or same sex that irritates you? Leave a comment (or rant) below.

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