Need Help Finding Gifts This Holiday Season?

Since I have some free time on my hands this year, I’ve decided to earn a bit of extra money by helping others find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. I know a lot of people have a hard time finding the right gifts, (especially since I’ve received some really unthoughtful gifts in the last couple of years), so I figured why not help others right?

For just $5, I can:

– Help you find that special toy your loved one adores & make a list of stores/online websites with the prices so you can compare
– Help you figure out what to get for your teenager, in-laws, boss, child’s teacher, etc & make a list of gift options with prices
– Contact your loved ones via email to find out what’s on their wish list to help you find the perfect gift without giving away what you’ll be buying
– Help you find gifts for everyone without going over budget

And more!

So if there’s anything you need help with this holiday season, feel free to ask for some help! You can visit the link below for more details:

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