November Blog Challenge: Day 4

Day 4: What do you wear to bed?

Seriously people? That personal? Sigh! Fine! Lol. Well it depends on who’s around and how hot it is outside, but it’s nothing fancy shmancy people! I go to bed in a t-shirt, usually one of my old work shirts or high school shirts, or some other random t-shirt, and if it’s cold I’ll put some tights or pajama pants on, if not, it’s just my t-shirt and Victoria Secret underwear! (My sister complains about the fact that I don’t like wearing pants almost everyday of her life but shrugs lol.)

Here’s something I would wear to bed.


(Never mind the fact that this picture is 3 years old lol I look way too much of a mess right now to take a decent photo. Oh and that was my college dorm room bathroom lol Don’t judge me people!)

My question to you is, does anyone actually wear pajamas to bed? And if so what kind? Leave a comment below!

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