Song Review: Lost 2 Found By CST (Christ Saved Terry)

Song Review: A+

Christian Rap is definitely blowing up and this song is definitely one of those songs that could change the game! I usually don’t listen to rap because it’s about … absolutely nothing! Rappers seem to lack substance and a message in their songs, but that’s why Christian Rap is growing on me! There’s a message behind each gospel song, whether it’s old school traditional gospel music or today’s gospel rap.

CST, which stands for Christ Saved Terry, seems to bring the substance that normal rappers lack with his single called Lost 2 Found. The beat for this song is absolutely amazing and this song is definitely produced professionally! But what really stands out for me is CST’s word flow.

I know some people may be turned off just because the word gospel is involved, but the only difference between this song and hip hop songs on the radio is that this song isn’t talking about hoes, sex, drugs or cars. So if you’re tired of today’s music, you may want to give this song (and genre) a shot!

Check it out below:

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