Album Review: Stronger By Tank

Album Review: A++

Man if y’all don’t go out and get this damn album before you finish reading this review, I might have to hurt you! I haven’t listened to Tank in forever, but I’m so damn glad I got this album! It’s just one dope song after another! There’s no letting up! I mean when you think of RnB music, normally you don’t really think of music you’d be dancing to all night, unless of course it’s slow jams and it’s Valentines Day or some holiday that involves dancing with your partner right? Usually, you hear RnB and you think of music that you’d be listening to on a rainy day while relaxing inside. But from the moment I started listening to this album I kept wishing I wasn’t on the train so I could dance. It doesn’t help that one of his songs is actually called “Dance With Me”.

The first half of the album are all songs that you can dance too, and then the album slows down a bit for his song, “Missing You”, but with this song being number five on the album, if you were dancing from the start, like I wanted to, then I’m pretty sure this song is a well needed break! So who ever put this album together, kudos to you my man because even the song order is absolutely amazing! Then there’s “Hope This Makes You Love Me”, which is the type of RnB I was expecting this album to be full of, and “Stronger”. I have to shout out their production team because that song is produced way too good! I may have to use it as one of my reference songs when mixing.

The ONLY complaint that I have is that I wish they would have turned up the vocals a bit more on a couple of the songs, although they still sound great! Hell that’s about it! I don’t think I’ve ever had an album where I LOVED every song! Normally there’s one or two songs that I don’t care for and usually end up skipping, but not this album! So thanks Tank for reminding me what real music is!

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