Mixtape Review: STN MTN/Kauai By Childish Gambino

Mixtape Review: B+

If you don’t know who Childish Gambino is, then the one thing that you should know before we carry on with this mixtape review is that his music is “different”, and I mean that in the best way possible. That’s actually the reason I love Childish, while others are trying to get into the music industry by copying everyone else’s flow, Childish isn’t afraid to be himself. Childish is known for using beats and instrumentals that seem normal and then there’s a really random crazy sound in the beat at the most random time that makes you think oh wow that’s different … I like that! And this mixtape is no different!

There are a couple of songs that jumped out at me and caught my attention, including “Sober” (I absolutely love the vibe of this song), “No Small Talk” (this one’s dope and who ever the female is, she’s just as dope as Childish … okay maybe I’m exaggerating here) but you get the point, and his song “Late Night in Kauai” featuring Jaden Smith (also for it’s laid back vibe).

But my absolute favorites are:

– Retro

– The Palisades Ft. Christian Rich

– All Y’all

Although, to me, this mixtape doesn’t have as many great songs as his “Because the Internet” album, it’s still worth a listen. If you loved his song “3005”, you may be interested in his “beach picnic” version of the original, although in my opinion it’s not that great. I mean I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it like I love the original. It just seems like it’s a more laid back instrumental of the original song, which in that case I guess you could say it’s named perfectly. It has the same melody, which is probably why I don’t hate it, but it sounds like a really simplistic version that I probably could have done.

There’s also a song that seems like it’s a version of Usher’s “You Don’t Have To Call”, but then it turns into this totally Childish Gambino sounding version and it’s definitely dope! He starts it off as an acapella, and honestly I just thought he was re-making Usher’s hit single, and them bam, it turns into a Childish Gambino song, and you realize, oh this isn’t Usher, this is just Childish doing his thing!

Another song that really stood out is Chandler Road, apparently the first half of the song was produced by Tim Suby and the second half of the song was produced by Childish Gambino himself. I honestly like the second half of the song a lot better than the first half, and I’m not saying it has anything to do with who produced it or the first half being bad, because it’s not bad, I just like the second half a lot better. It sounds like it could have been it’s own song. But that’s Childish for you. He definitely gives his fans their “money’s worth” since his albums and mix tapes usually has enough music for you to drool over until the next one comes out.

So over all, this mixtape is definitely worth listening to! I didn’t think it deserved an A since there were a lot of songs that were just okay, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from getting this mixtape.

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