FKA Twigs Uses Google Glass In Her New Short Video “#throughglass”

FKA Twigs, the English singer-songwriter, producer and dancer released a short video yesterday that features her wearing Google Glass demonstrating how it can be used while she dances to her own music. In the video she uses Google Glass to play her songs, “Video Girl” and “Glass & Patron”, and Google’s a number of other things, such as “Dominant krumping”. The video was produced by her and is definitely worth checking out whether you’re interested in Google Glass or not. This is the first time I’m hearing about FKA Twigs, so I’ll definitely be checking out her music right after this. Oh and Google Glass seems pretty cool too, I might have to get contacts just so I can get a pair. (Totally kidding! I can’t afford it! Price tag = $1,500)

Check out the video below:

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