Would You Buy An Ugly Jacket If It Could Charge Your Smartphone?

So Tommy Hilfiger has a new solar panel jacket that allows you to charge your smartphone’s battery, but it’s really not the best looking jacket on Earth. Okay, who am I kidding, it’s not a good look at all! (Solar panels are NOT cute!) But does that matter? Would you still buy it if you knew that you could use your phone all day without ever having to worry about your phone’s battery dying? (Of course unless the sun goes down.)

Hilfiger’s new solar panel jacket may be able to charge your phone’s battery in direct sunlight, but is the $600 price tag really worth it? Couldn’t you just order a portable charger online for 95% less? (Hell I’m pretty sure you could find one for even cheaper than that!) So what if it’s a great shade of blue! Have you seen the bottom half of the jacket? (Is plaid really still trending?)

Seriously, did Hilfiger really think we’d get overly excited about some Fall jacket that could charge our phone’s battery in the sunlight? I mean, maybe I’d be excited if portable chargers didn’t exist, or if this jacket was meant to be worn in the Summer! (You know, the season when the sun is usually always out!) It’s a great thought, but I think the concept is a little too late for anyone to be stupid enough to buy it. Do you know how many pairs of shoes I could buy with that kind of money!?

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  1. Bumascloset says:

    the thing is the jacket isn’t even ugly, i kinda like it! its funky and cool. i like that idea and i would wear it


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  2. Sanaa Brooks says:

    If you like it that’s great, I just wouldn’t spend $600 bucks on this thing! Lol (And the panels on the back disgust me.)


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