Album Review: X By Chris Brown

Album Review: A

I’ve always been a Chris Brown fan since he first came out, and the fact that he’s one of my favorite artists may make me a bit (just a bit) biased when I say that this album is pretty good. Now it’s not the greatest thing ever, but it’s actually pretty good. What I really love about it though is that it still feels like the same ol’ Chris Brown that I once fell in love with. With songs like, “Loyal” and “Fine China” on this album, and both being hit singles, I honestly thought there would be a lot more club hits on this album, but to my surprise these were the only two club songs, all of the others were the same ol’ RnB songs that Chris Brown has always produced over the years.

With the way music is changing these days, it seems like more and more artists are changing their music style to fit what’s popular today, so when I heard “Loyal”, even though I enjoy it, I was honestly scared that this album would be a bit heavy on the popular music that “everyone” seems to love these days side. But Chris Brown has not only managed to produce hit singles that can be played in the club, while staying current in today’s music game, but he has also stayed true to himself as an artist, with songs like “New Flame” featuring Usher and “Songs on 12 Play” featuring Trey Songz.

I also noticed that a lot of the songs on this album have a lot of extra long delay effects on them (the effect where a couple of the words repeat after it’s said). I don’t know if I’ve been listening to Chris Brown’s music for way too long or if great minds just think alike, but I find myself using this effect every chance I can as well. But while we’re on the topic of delays, I absolutely love the effect on the delays in “Autumn Leaves” featuring Kendrick Lamar (the effect is only on Chris Browns part). I haven’t really figured out what the effect is yet, but it’s dope! I also love that because I currently go to school for this (audio engineering) I can not only appreciate music for the artists talent but also for the production teams talent as well.

So overall this album is pretty good and it’s definitely worth getting if you’re a true Chris Brown fan. (And when I say this I mean a fan of his music not his personal life!)

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