Movie Night Store Run? Whatever You Do … Don’t Forget The Condoms!

So it’s movie night and you’re just about all ready to cuddle up with your girlfriend, when you realize you forgot the (probably) most important thing on your shopping list. Condoms! It’s too late to make another trip to the store before she arrives without her having to wait outside and thinking you’re a total asshole for not being home when you said you would, and you’ve heard the “no glove, no love” speech way too many times to even bother bringing the idea up. So what do you do?

Well, first of all, don’t panic! But don’t mention it to her either. If you forgot what may have been the most important thing on your list that night, but remembered to get the chips she hates, she may start wondering what other important things you’re going to forget soon. (For your sake, I hope you’ve already stored her birthday, the day you guys met, and every other important date in your smartphone.) Now this may be a little shocking to hear, but there may be a condom delivery service in an area near you! That’s right, you can order take out AND your condoms, and she’ll never have to find out how forgetful you are. (Just as long as she doesn’t answer the door!)

L. Condoms can deliver a pack of condoms within an hour of purchase directly to your door! Although, the selection of condoms is limited, and they only deliver to select areas in Manhattan, San Francisco and L.A, the thought of being able to have your condoms delivered to you is quite intriguing now isn’t it?  And who knows, maybe one day they’ll branch out and start delivering to the neighborhood you actually live in! But if you do live in one of the areas that are covered, you can visit to make a purchase.

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