Book Review: The Maze Runner Trilogy By James Dashner

Book Review: A+

Let’s just say, I started this trilogy on Monday and I finished it on Saturday, with each book averaging at 400 pages and having school from 8am until 1pm. (And that doesn’t even begin to tell you how great these books are.) I honestly downloaded them because I heard the movie was coming out, and I regret not reading The Hunger Games before I watched the movies. (I’ve already seen movie one and two, so there’s no point in going back to read the books now since I already know what’s going to happen.) So I decided I would read The Maze Runner before I watched the movie. So if the movie doesn’t live up to the book I’m going to have to hurt someone!

Book one  was absolutely amazing! I couldn’t put it down! It hurt like hell to put my iPad down knowing I had to pay attention in class instead of reading. I’m pretty sure I screamed at my sister a couple of times while I was reading because she kept talking to me. (Don’t believe me? Ask her yourself!) Every chance I got, I was reading. I lost a couple of hours of sleep because I just couldn’t stop. What I really loved was how I began to feel like one of the characters. When they were scared, I was scared, when they were relieved so was I. I had knots in my stomach the whole time I read book one, afraid yet anxious to know what would happen next. And every time someone died, I was just as shocked and sad as the main characters.

Now I do admit that the books seemed to simmer down by the time I got to book three. But then again, by the time I got to book three even the characters were feeling like they’d had enough and they just wanted to hurry up and get things over with. Which is exactly how I felt half way through book three. It no longer gripped me the way book one did. I flipped through it wondering, “well what’s next”, “seriously him too”, “is this ever going to end”. But now that I think about it, the books were still interesting, I still couldn’t put them down, although I no longer felt so bad when I did. And most of all, I still shared the same feelings as the main characters did. Which is why I give this trilogy an A+. I’m sure once I watch the movie, I’ll be doing a review on that as well. I can only hope that it’s just as good as book one, because if it’s not they’re going to be hearing from me!

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