How To Get Your Friends To Stop Using Their Phones During Dinner

So you’ve decided to go out with your friends for dinner at this really cool restaurant, and everything’s great, until one of your friends decides to take out their phone. Then another friend starts texting, and sooner or later, everyone is so focused on texting that no one is talking. We’ve all been there! It seems like today’s generation would rather text and talk to people that may be miles away, instead of talking to the people right in front of them.


So how can you stop this from happening to you? Here’s a simple game you can play with your friends the next time everyone decides to go out.

Don’t Touch That Phone!

How to play:

As soon as everyone sits down at the dinner table, everyone takes out their phone, puts it on silent and stacks them on top of each other facing down in the middle of the table.

That’s it! It’s that simple!

The first person to touch their phone looses! (The catch?) There are consequences, if you’re only out with a few people (4 or less) the first person that touches their phone has to pay the bill. If you’re out with a party of 5 or more than the first person that touches their phone has to pay the tip. (Of course, if you’re all strapped for cash than the person that loses can pay the tip instead of the whole bill, which ever they’re more comfortable with.) If no one touches their phone at the end of dinner, then split the bill as you usually would and consider this dinner a success!


If you think this game is a little too easy, then try playing it with everyone’s phone on vibrate or with their ringtones on full blast! Since everyone’s first instinct is to answer their phone when it rings, or to check it to see who’s calling, this will be much harder to ignore. If you’re over 21, try playing with a little liquor involved. Instead of paying the bill or tip, every time someone touches their phone, have them buy everyone a shot! This allows everyone a chance to answer their phone just incase there is an emergency without having to face major consequences or without breaking into a fight about what’s fair. Either way the consequences are totally up to you and your friends so get creative, just make sure everyone agrees with them first! The point of the game is to make sure no one touches their phone during dinner. (Not to make everyone hate you.)

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