Summer Treats You’ll Love

It’s July and summer is in full blast! These summer inspired flavored treats will make you forget how hot it is outside.

Piña Colada Cakeballs

These piña colada  mini cake balls are perfect for when you get those summer sugar cravings without going over board and undoing all those hours of sweaty, hard-core workouts you managed to struggle through to finally get that summer body you’ve been dying for.  (P.s – There may be a hint of Malibu Rum in these, but you didn’t hear this from us!) You can purchase these mini cake balls of happiness and joy at

carb coma pina colada cake balls

Vodka Infused Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Yes, you heard me correct, these chocolate covered strawberries are infused with VODKA! Perfect for a summer picnic with a bunch of friends or even that special someone, while you lay back on the green grass and gaze up at the clouds. I mean, come on, what’s a summer without getting a little tipsy? The fact that you’re using fruit to do so is just an added bonus! (Note: You’re probably going to have to eat WAY more strawberries than you think to get a buzz, but on the bright side you’ll definitely get your daily dose of fruit!) To order, you can contact Justina, owner of Jus Desserts on Facebook at or you can email her at

jus desserts vodka infused c strawberries

S’mores Fondue

It’s a hot summer night, and you’re craving s’mores, but you live in the city, with no camping grounds in sight! Sounds familiar? Well we’ve found the solution! Forget camping outside in the wild with no wifi connection and ten different bug species you’ve never heard of, go to Max Brenner! They have a chocolate fountain with everything you need to make s’mores inside without the camp fire. So stop trying to DIY on your kitchen stovetop and visit to find a location near you.


No Fair Funnel Cake Ice Cream Dessert

Funnel cake is one of the all time summer favorites, but who wants to go to a crowded amusement park JUST to get some? Exactly … no one! That’s why you can take a trip to Coldstone’s Creamery instead! They have a funnel cake ice cream sundae that will make you feel just like a kid again. So technically, this dessert is two treats in one! (And if funnel cake isn’t your thing, you can try one of their many other ice cream treats to help you cool off this summer.) To find a location near you, visit


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