Book Review: White Girl Problems By Babe Walker

Book Review: C+

white girl problems

First of all, what the fudge did I just read? Like, O-M-G! (I’ve obviously been reading about this white girl for too damn long because I’m starting to talk like her, ugh!) Anyway, I’m still confused on if this stuff really happened or if it was all made up. Either way, it really wasn’t that great, made up or not. Although I didn’t think the Lego movie would be much either until I finally watched the whole movie, which is why I made myself read this whole book. There were a couple of moments where I actually laughed, and then there were A LOT of moments where I stopped to wonder if white women were really this stupid. (I guess I’m going to have to visit L.A pretty soon to find out, but the girl in my class might be a pretty good start, and if we use her as an example, then yeah, they’re pretty stupid! But let’s not judge!) 

What really got to me was the fake Jamaican accent they had her nanny/maid/mother figure talking in through out the book. Boy does it KILL me when white folks (or anyone that’s not caribbean) tries to talk with an accent. (My parents are from the caribbean so I know what the real deal is. I’ve actually got an accent myself. Piss me off and you’ll find that out the hard way.) But some of it was on point! Although most of it was off. You could just TELL it was a white person trying to speak with an accent, it’s like how you can tell someone isn’t American because you can hear their real accent. Such a … FAIL! And if you think the accents are bad, wait until you get to the part where she “works out”. I’m still praying she didn’t really think those were actual work outs and she KNEW it was just sex. Praying!

The more I read this book, the more it made me feel comfortable about writing my own book. If this thing actually sold some copies, I might have a chance! I only finished this book because I didn’t want to write a review about something I didn’t finish reading and because I was just curious to know how stupid her complaints would get. I mean by the time I got to the end of the book I could see the actual point in this book, the fact that most of the shit she went through was because she didn’t really have her parents around, especially her mother. I knew there had to be a real reason behind this book other than her just complaining about nonsense, I’m just hoping that’s it! So if you’re thinking about BUYING this book, please don’t, you can send me the ten bucks instead! (Seriously people!) But if you’re REALLY curious, like I was, then go ahead and google it and get it for free. There’s a good message behind it, if you look really hard, and you have more sense than the girl in the book! Just don’t go wasting ten bucks for this thing. It’s not that funny, unless of course you think rich people complaining about their “problems” in order to hide their REAL problems is funny.

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