Taken In The Winter, Single In The Summer?

Have you found yourself in this new relationship routine? You know, the one where you’re always in a relationship, until right before summer rolls around and then suddenly you’re magically single again? Is this really the new trend? I’ve noticed a lot of people using the term “cuffing season” when winter starts to roll in, referring to the fact that more people are shacking up when it gets cold out, as compared to during the summer when they were all free agents.

cuffing season over 1

But is this really the reason people are in relationships? Could the seasons really dictate whether you’re relationship will last or not? It’s been said that more people tend to be in relationships during the winter because it’s too cold outside to party and they need a little companionship to keep them warm and toasty while they watch movies inside. But once it starts to get warm it seems like everyone, including their mama, is single! So why is that and how do we break this cycle so that we can all be in relationships all year round? If you’ve found the answer to this (heart-breaking) topic, please let us know!

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