Music Video Review: She Knows By J. Cole

So …

I just found out today that J. Cole released the visual for his song, “She Knows”, and figured since I love the song I’d go check it out. Basically, I just reminded myself why I hate music videos. Now, before those of you who’ve already seen this video decide to go off on me, I didn’t say the video was bad! It’s actually pretty good, it just doesn’t go with the song. I think this video might actually fit his song “Trouble”, more than it fits “She Knows”. Of course, I won’t say why, in case there are people reading this who haven’t seen the video yet.

she knows by j cole music video

But honestly …

I like the video and the message behind it. It’s not just a club scene or a bunch of naked women dancing around, like most hip hop music videos. But you know what? A club scene would have actually fit this song pretty well, and not for the simple fact that in the first verse it says, “this is martin luther king in the club getting dubs”. But the first verse sounds a lot like he’s being tempted, and of course where else are men tempted the most? Then the hook drops, and he’s singing “she knows”, which implies that she knows he’s cheating (or at least being tempted to).

she knows by j cole music video

But anyway …

As you can see, it’s not the fact that I think this music video is bad, I just had a whole different visual in my head for this song. Hell, I’m starting to think I should go into video production for music videos, instead of music production. I really hate it when music videos don’t fit the song! But hell I shouldn’t even be complaining because this video could have been a lot worse! (It could have just been J. Cole and a bunch of naked females dancing around, right?) At least it had a story behind it. So yeah, let me quit complaining! Although, I’m still upset this damn video doesn’t match the song! Damn it! Just go watch the video you guys! Leave me a comment and let me know what you guys think about the video. I could just be having a mid life crisis that could be blurring my judgement.

Here’s The Video:

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