Music Video Review: Loyal By Chris Brown

This video …

Might be the reason I don’t care who Chris Brown hits! I can’t stand music videos 90% of the time, but I actually really like this one. I don’t remember the last music video I watched where the artist actually DANCES in it! Not like, just two step and bop to the music, I mean actually dances! So yeah, I’m sorry Chris Brown keeps hitting people, but I don’t really care about artists and their personal lives, I only focus on their music. But seriously, this video is dope! Even the weird animated bear head on someone’s body is kind of cool. Well kind of. (Okay not really.) But hell, this might be why they keep letting him out of jail! Chris Brown is talented! (Not that any of you didn’t already know that.) Anywho, kudos to Chris Brown and everyone else that was apart of this video, especially the other dancers! These back up dancers got him looking like he stole a crew off of Step Up. (I kid you not.) But overall, this was a good video! Nothing fancy, but the fact that it made me want to dance along with everyone means I will most likely be watching this video again!


NRN’s Music Video Rating: 

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